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Is this the correct way to wire this transformer? Answered

I have a nice little 120VAC to 7.5KV transformer that used to call an air purifier its home, but I'm not sure how to wire it. I have some guesses, but I want to make sure I don't burn down my house so I am hoping to verify them with the help of the instructables community. Here they are:

The black and white wires are where you connect the source of 120VAC

The green and red wires are the high voltage outputs. (I'm guessing that since this was meant to be a negative ion generator, the green was just connected to ground)

You can just connect this to a power outlet and have it run WITHOUT burning down the house

I am not sure if you need a fuse, though.

Note : The transformer looks like http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/images/G1783B.jpg except it also has a green wire.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Actually, this transformer was designed to be used with a three-prongoutlet, I do believe. As such, black goes to the voltage prong, whitegoes to neutral (ultimately wired to ground) and green goes to thegrounding prong of the 3-prong outlet, but is not really an output. Thered wire is the transformer output, as you mentioned.

Yes, this is correct.  Connect the red wire to a needle and astream of ions will be produced from the tip.  It will smell like ozone.

I'd recommend against using this transformer to produce sparks,though.  It probably isn't rated for very high current, and forcingit to arc over to ground will probably fry the transformer windingspretty quick.

Looks to me like black and white are the 2 AC cables(not polarity sensitive) green is ground/negative and red is output.

Is there any continuity from the red to the green  ?