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Is this the right kind of Diode to protect a Servo with? Answered

I would like to protect my Servos from accidentally reversing the voltage on them and frying them. The power source is 6v (4x AAA battery) and the Servos each draw a maximum of 6v, I am unsure about the amps due to a lack of datasheet, but have been told that they draw a maximum of around 1A per hour. I have 4x https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9347 and was planning to use https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10926 , one for each servo. Does this make sense/will work? Thanks in advance for your help.



Best Answer 5 years ago

Almost any diode will do but for protection I would recommend
a GE glass bead diode because they can run red hot and not fail
on a accidental reverse hook-up and still recover.

You don't want to use a diode that fails, then burns open and
then the reversed power kills the servo.

So you want as a minimum a 6A diode that can handle a set of batteries
supplying lots of reverse current.

Looking at a Jameco servo that runs under < 500 ma ... 
You could use a 1N4001 stronger 1A Diode and
also put a 1A fuse in series with the battery.

So if reversed the fuse blows protecting the diode and servo.
if it isn't a GE glass bead diode.



5 years ago

for whoever wants to answer this, he is asking about a 1N5819 Shottky Diode, 1A 40V.

Thanks for the promo :)

Wish I could answer it for you. I know you are supposed to use a diode but I don't know about servos, or which kind diode to use.