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Is this the right way to wire an old, one capacitor washing machine motor ? Answered

I actually have an old Brandt 556T washing machine, and I'm trying to replace the internal mechanical program with an arduino some electronics. Actually I'm trying to directly run the motor at it's both speeds, and both directions. So, the motor is a Selni V689, and I also have another motor laying around. It's a Selni V604. The two of them seems to be using the same wiring. So, for the moment I'm using the older one (the V604) to experiment.

After some googling, I understood this kind of motor uses a single capacitor to select the direction of the rotor, and it enables the motor to start without help. We can  wire it without the capacitor, and spin it manually to start it, or use the capacitor to start it properly.

So, I ended up with the schema linked here.

It seems to be working, except for the old V604 which, in second speed, runs faster in one direction that the other... But for the V689, it seems to be okay.

I need to ensure that my wiring schema is really ok, then I'll try to use as few relays as possible to be able to fully control this motor with 3.3/5V logic.

If anyone can help me confirm that, I'll really appreciate it ! Thank you guys !

NB: I firstly thought there was a problem with the power consumpsion of those motors, but I was wrong, it's fine.


Today, I measured the resistances between all connexions of both motors, and here is the spreadsheet... If someone knows how to determine the correct connexions for that, it'll be great. Thanks !


can i use a SELNI V683 into a wind turbine ?

I think it's rather an induction motor than a universal one (I can't be sure), can't see any brushes. At both sides of the motor, there is a plastic cover, and something like a fan attached to the rotor. It covers everything inside, I can just see the stator windings and all the cables seems to go there.


Neat work Etienne.

If the consumptions OK, then you must have it right.


Thank you Steve !

I verified everything one last time with both motors, for the V689 that's inside the washing machine, everything works properly (1st speed, 2nd speed, and reverse for both speeds) and it have enough torque to rotate the drum.
I also found that we can power this motor with less than 200W at it's full speed, but with low torque, that's weird.

Then, for the older motor, the V602, I wasn't able to rotate it in both directions at full speed, I don't know if it's normal, or if there's a problem with it... anyway, I'm not gonna use this one, just wanted to test it, and I did.

Finally, here is the schema I drawn for logic control (Arduino) of the Selni V689, with 4 relays.


THREE relays - you can use a DPDT relay for speed control.

Yep, you're right ! I'm not yet comfortable with all kind of components, and I forgot this one, thank you for your help Steve !

The relays need to around 10 X chunkier than the rating of the motor, so the contacts handle the starting surges.


Then, for the older motor, the V602, I wasn't able to rotate it in both directions at full speed, I don't know if it's normal, or if there's a problem with it...

That's normal.


Selni's website is, sadly, less than helpful.

I'd guess you have the start and run windings reversed. Where did you get your data from ? I can read French OK ;-)

For the wiring I just found some informations about the way we should connect the capacitor, and for the rest I just tried a bit to see how it works. I wasn't able to find any really helpful informations on the web about those motors...

The main problem with this motor, is that I can't disassemble it properly. It's almost sealed, I dont' have the required tools to force it open, and then be able to remount it. I can't see anything inside. I just have the cable colors, and It seems not to be using any color code... So I don't really know that.

And yep, corrected the schema.

Ground or earth is not Neutral. Where's the Neutral connection ?

Is this definitely an induction motor, or a Universal motor (they have brushes) ?