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Is using the "Get Album Artwork" Option on Itunes "safe"? Answered

In Itunes, you have the option to auto find album artwork for songs that are missing it. However, it comes up with a notification saying all information about this song will be sent to Apple. I used fetch-mp3 to get some of them, and then sound recorder, which is built in to every windows computer, to get some. So, I dont think ethier of those is illegal. (I dont do this for all my music, by the way, so Im not a complete freeloader.) Could Apple get all like, angry at me for this?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Don't worry, it's not illegal. The "Get Album Artwork" its just another way-easier way you can get the artwork, but you can find it yourself if you want. Answering your main question... yes, it is safe. Apple doesn't gather valuable data from your PC, it just sends info about the song so Apple can find the correct Album Artwork, otherwise, how can Apple guess wich one is the right one? Don't be paranoid my friend =P.


Yes, can't not agree more, It's safe to download album work. There are some music info finding tools such as this one which could help easily get work done.

How do you KNOW apple doesn't collect imformation from your pc?

Read the full terms and conditions! It says in them that song information will be used as it needs the song title/artist to find the cover art however no personal details or information regarding yourself will be sent to Apple. 

If you have the song legally, you have the right to have the artwork also.  Just like you were buying an album with the artwork on the cover.


8 years ago

 you should be fine.

Both techniques stretch the definition of legal. It depends on where you live.  It's copyrighted work.