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It happened to me too! Some drunk guy crashed into my fence! Answered

Last night at around 2am some drunk guy crashed through my fence! He hit the curb, took out a tree, took out a sign, and the took out about 15 feet of my fence!


stop getting drunk people!

No Alcohol, no tobacco, ban it all!

no alcohol, no tobacco, just weed!

Ban it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that includes weed


10 years ago

This almost happened to me too. A drunk guy did crash behind our house but didn't hit the fence.

Wow, that sucks. Good thing nothing happened

Also a few weeks ago a biker was speeding up the hill and crashed and burned.

High five! Your's is worse than ours was though. And found the guy that ran into our fence.

didn't you see him? It's the truck driving around with a fence slat sticking out of his grill LOL Sorry. I don't mean to laugh at your situation. I remember our neighbor's kids used to ride through our yard with motorcycles to get to the field. My Dad put up a barbed wire fence and one try later, was the last time they tried it. I personally thought that was a little extreme though.

here a million concrete trucks were taking our lawn as a shortcut till we installed a motorized door on one end

No it didnt,because
  • it was rental
  • they drove on the pathway leading to the apartment parking

No, it was at 2am!! Actually laugh all you want -- ITS RENTAL!!!! Yeah, barbed wire is too far....

If you find someone "fencing" boards on the side nearby, you will have your culprit ;-)

Haha yet! When they found the guy that ran into our fence they just let him go.


10 years ago

Wow! I wish I had a fence on my house!

This is just a temporary rental. When we build our house I won't have a fence

Our mailbox has been hit, and our neighbors had a car in there pool, but this takes the cake!

No, I would say the pool is worse, besides, its rental.

Yah it was pretty cool, hauled the 80's Mustang outa the wading area LOL.

yeah, most are junk. The 80s didn't have much

*shudders* That decade needs forgotten, LOL.

I think killerjackalope needs to apologize, always talking about the times he's drunk..

haha, yeah. But he always bikes, and no bike could do this much damage and drive away!

I have done in a brick wall but I don't think we need more drinking stories from me...

It didn't hurt much, though getting brick and concrete dust out of your ears is difficult...

Yeah, anyway have you admitted that for once it just wasn't my fault...

You know someday I will travel to the USA and put a rental through your rental... Actually If I did that it would be kinda funny in 'A killerjackalope busted up my newly repaired garden' kind of way.

No I just exposed the truth of everything that happened while practicing drawingto test me wrist...


I guess he has to come down here and try!

It's because I usually remember what happens when I drink so meh, It annoys my friends alot, that and I'm honest about my stupid accidents..

Oh my goodness! Was he or anyone else hurt? I'm not sure what an OSB box is? did it contain some vital part that made the neighborhood function correctly? Will we be hit by an electricity-deprived suburban homeowner zombie attack?

No, he drove away before we could see what happened. OSB is short for oriented strand board, kind of like plywood but stronger. I wish they would become zomb......AWWWWW amsBKDP SSKD[JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ *dies on top of keyboard*


A drunk guy did that??

He must've been HUGE!!!