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It is possible to get 8 AA battery to series/parallel circuit? Answered

I want to build a battery pack for my project to have most mAh but able to charge an laptop

I plan to buy 8 AA 3.7V battery with 2600 mAh

I going to tries to have 4AA battery in series circuit and 4AA battery in parallel circuit and some how connect those 2 to get 
a battery pack with 14.8V output and about 10000mAh 

It is possible



Best Answer 5 years ago

Are you planning on using something like the 14500 lithium batteries? If so be sure to buy the ones with the protection circuit built in.

Batteries in series mAh stays the same
Batteries in series mAh increases (add the 2 together) but should be balanced (each pack being the same)

If you got the 1200mAh batteries and put them in 2 battery packs that held 4 in series (4 gives you the required voltage) that would still be 1200mah per pack of 4 but 2400mAh overall due to the 2 packs in parallel.

In order to get to the 10000mAh you will need 9 total battery packs that hold 4 to put you at 10800mAh. Thats a total of 36 batteries at $8 which gives you a total of $288 in batteries alone.


Answer 5 years ago

My fault you can get the batteries for half of that and sometimes cheaper.


5 years ago

Bad idea. Battery packs like that will fail rapidly, since some cells are taking higher currents than others, and will age and fail more quickly than others.