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It is possible to make homemade PCB blanks? Or is there a good place to buy blanks in Canada? ? Answered

 I know there are many places online to buy boards for 2$ or less but shipping to Canada can be upwards of 8$. Anyone know a good place for Canadians to buy blanks.

I imagine making your own blanks would be too difficult, hopefully someone can correct me on this.




YES, YOU CAN MAKE THEM FOR ALMOST FREE. its really funny because all i've been doing recently is making pcb planks.

Ok, you will need some thin copper flashing without any coatings, some 1/8" plexiglass, and 5min clear epoxy ($2.99, not expensive).

1. Coat 1 side of the plexiglass with a thin layer of epoxy (I use an eraser to squeegee it around)

2. Put the epoxy side of the plexiglas down on the copper flashing, and let cure.

3. Cut off excess copper and admire a professional looking board!

I have had GREAT success using gold leafing foil instead of copper flashing. The foil is so thin, it etches  in less than 10 seconds (and it solders nice, too!)

Don't worry about the plexiglass melting, it really won't unless you get crazy with the solder iron.

p.m. me with questions, I had to write this in a hurry.

Well, you can buy PCB material in sheet form at up to 36x36 inch blanks, then sheer and paint them with activator etc as needed, but if you mean plating your own FR4, I lol at you. (though gently...)

Digikey takes care of Canadians..hell they're basically straddling the US Canadian border. Is the shipping really that bad?

best wishes

Any serious electronic parts store in Canada ought to have PCB blanks. Even Radio Shack used to have small ones.