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It's 4:30 PM, there's a tropical storm stalled overhead, I've got three baby animals bleeding on my robot shirt and it's 20 miles to the wildlife rehabilitator...Hit it... Answered

I kept hearing KEY...KEY...KEY... So I ventured out thinking it was some bird, I'm looking all over and keep hearing it. Search all over the yard, check the garage (it's trapped a bird before), nothing. But I keep hearing it, maybe it's coming from across the street? Man there's a lot of crap in the street, and it's moving, OH CRAP!! There's a squirrel dray in the street all torn up and three bloody, wet babies in the road. So I scoop them up into my robot shirt, where they promptly pee, not the worst thing I've had on me. ;-) I rush into the house and call my vet, since he used to rehab flying squirrels, and get the # for the "local" rehab place. It's in Bithlo, twenty miles away, that won't mean anything to you if you don't live in Fl. but it's the West Virginia of Fl, the nightmare before Christmas, and Baghdad all rolled into one. Let's cut this short, I got them there, the guy says they're in better shape than they looked, I gave them a donation for their care, and now I'm back home, realizing I'm nicer than I am reasonable, and that's okay with me...


Wow... if the blood doesn't wash out let us know.

Oooo... Previously unknown "squirrel damage" insurance on all instructables robot t-shirts now included.

Even better, they could produce "Squirrel Resistant" shirts!

That is what "ScotchGuard ® is all about :-)

I didn't have a beginning oneit was supposed to read:

ScothGuard ®

I have made myriad mistakes in my time, most of them when either tired or in a hurry. In this case, the first one was when I was fairly exhausted, and the second when I was hurried ;-)

Oh, well always get a good night sleep or plan out your time before commenting, unless your debating with kiteman.

As one gets older, sometimes one finds they can not sleep well, even when tired :-)

I don't care if its good sleep, just sleep Have your wife drug you!

'I'm nicer than I am reasonable, and that's okay with me...' Agreed. Good job.

I like that assessment. I'm similar at times.

It's funny, my family are all serious hunting enthusiasts, but we all tend to be very gentle with orphaned baby animals, endangered animals, starving and hurt animals. To me they are a gift from God, not to be taken lightly, and NEVER abused. It's right to be nice, but I think it is also very reasonable to protect lives that are more fragile than your own.

Indeed. I'm not at all above a freezer with venison, moose or anything else a friend is willing to give me. There would be a whole lot more vegetarians and vegans if everyone had to hunt their own food. Maybe even me -- though I own a rifle.

How nice to save the animals...

I've wound up raising about 4 squirrels from babies. They are great fun...

Your a nice person.


9 years ago

Benevolent friend of furry critters. :-) well done.

Pats TUA on back. Not the front. The front is icky.

A perfect comment kiteman, understanding with a dash of humour.

Sorry about all that, it sounds like you have a bit of a soft spot for animals. :) I hope the storm misses you, it's always stressful for me when serious storms are in my area...