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It's coming............ Answered

Hi! I'm working on, and posting the biggest knex gun EVER. it's 15FT long!, It's based of KnexRule100's super sling, so he gets credit for the idea. It SHOULD shoot as far or farther then the SR-V2 (It's sling).

It's not done yet so....... Yeah.



Thats awesome! Looks alot like mine........

Wait a minute...... Are you saying I copied him!?!?!!?

Look at the post dates.  And both guns operate in the same way.

Yeah........ I got the idea from his Super Sling V2.
I need to give him credit, don't I............ 

That was my 666th comment.

Don't forget to flush after it comes out. 

It SHOULD shoot as far or farther then the SR-V2 (It's sling).
To be honest, with RB's stretching that far, that's nothing.

Roller coaster on pic 5 lol

Dang thats huge!!!!

I'm gonna see if i can build i bigger one.


8 years ago

looks epic! cant wait! the title, lol, thats what she said!

Yeah....... That does sound wrong.......

lol, btw im posting mt p90 in about a week...

Looks cool!

That's what she said lol

Old enough to understand what "thats what she said" means.

Why is there question marks, you may ask, is because your little saying didn't quite apply very well to the comment said previously to the one you said.

Here's a tip: maybe think out your comments before posting them...


Dude, do you wanna know what else is coming?  Hop on the toilet and find out.

Post a 'preview' picture. One that doesn't give away to much information.

It looks more like a crane's arm, and do I detect a certain amount of droopage?

Yes, to some degree, But to fix that, I will put the stand up more towards the end.