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It's late for the contest, but... Answered

There's a steampunk egg containing a pendant on ebay.

Nice little item, and part of the proceeds go to charity, so I don't feel spammy advertising it.


Don't you have to be in school right now? (for teaching, of course)

Firstly, it's 7.25pm in the UK

Secondly, it's our "half term" break (a week off).

Thirdly - what the smeg did you do to get suspended?

Knowing what it actually means as well.

Which is more than the BBC did when they let it slip through the lawyers and end up on Red Dwarf before the watershed.

Hehe... Rd Dwarf ownz... I should get a Listor avatar...

You see, the ones of us who have proper jobs haven't got the week off.

You're on Instructables all day!! You work at home, don't you?

no! i dont work at home. But im always checking ibles - i am uk time zone, so most of your day is my evening.

erm, about 2-3 hours drive away i believe (about half the country)

Wow, that is smaller then my "state" which takes about 6-7 hours to go from where I am to the far end (about 2/3's through it). Of course, if you are going faster then 70 MPH, maybe it isn't as small as I picture it?

Yer-her my state is about twice the size of your entire group of islands :) (KJisle included)

Nahr, ees culd an ya'll folks talk strange o'er there...

Oh yes, I knew that, but I had just never bothered to make the comparison before....

That's cool! You guys should meet up and ~~eat eggs~~ collaborate on an awesome UK typed Instructable. Or U.S. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

well, google says 4 hours, but we went to norfolk on holiday, and visited both norwich and great yarmouth! that only took us about 3 hours i think.

The AA obey the speed limits...

Use the AA to check - Lowestoft or Norwich are close enough to get an idea of how far it is.

The ones with proper jobs get to take their holidays when the prices are two thirds lower.

And the ones who complain about teachers' holidays are usually at the back of the queue when somebody suggests trying it for themselves...

haha, you do get more holiday time though.

also, do i look stupid enough to end up working on a school?

Ah, the secondly statement explains why I have seen you up and in here a wee bit later then I would normally expect (it is 17:08 now, making it what, 9 or 10 pm now) except on some Fridays ;-) .

As I type, it's 9.15pm. I should be working, school break or not - I have about 90 books and about 60 assessments to grade before the end of the week. I am, though, a terrible victim of procrastination. I'll probably end up spending all next Sunday marking into the wee small hours.

I always forget which half of DST effects the time difference (whether GMT -4 or -5) :-) Yeah, I know how it is, I feel that way myself many times.

Oh.. Hmm. A huge time difference... I already told you!