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It's me or have someone else noticed people demanding answers to their questions in this forum? Answered

I am noticing a trend of people in this great forum that are asking questions that they could have found the answer with a simple internet search, people that demand answers to their questions, and want others to come up with ideas when they should be the ones brainstorming. I am not against asking for help but asking others to do the work for them is lazy. Also some people should be more respectful when asking questions instead of demanding answers. Anybody think like me?


Happens periodically, all over the Internet. The rude but maximally educational response is to point them to http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html -- which is roughly phrased but is still excellent advice in how to make folks want to assist you. A less helpful response is to ignore them. The nastiest thing you can do to a masochist is to refuse to hit him. A somewhat more helpful response is to post one or two of the websearches they should have performed before asking. A less helpful response (discouraged, but sometimes hard to resist) is to gently mock the bad question. ("Can anyone do this for me?" "Yes, I can. I won't, but I can.") Remember, a lot of the participants here (and on the Internet in general) are young and/or imperfectly socialized. If you have the patience to do so, it's best to help them understand what kinds of question they should be asking. If not... well, you're under absolutely no obligation to respond to any question that doesn't strike you as worth answering.

Excellent answer Just have two things to add. Some people mean well and when they read it it doesn't sound like they're being rude untill someone points that out. And most people on the internet have what they call "PC screen bravery". When they're behind a screen of a PC they feel invincible and all knowingly because the dude they're communicating with is probably a few 1000 miles away. This causes them to be more direct, more rude and use less of there social skills... And about the people asking to many questions that were asked before. On topic of this site I made a topic that we need a FAQ section. This avoids the "Why won't nobody answer me?" "Why didn't my entry for the contest show up" and more of those spamming the answer section. You can find it here: https://www.instructables.com/community/A-FAQ-link-with-the-most-common-questions-rather-t/

I couldn't have said it more eloquently!

Let's just link these people to "Just F**king google it" or "Let me google that for you" from now on.

(a la Austin Powers) Come on DJ! Behave!

What's it to ya? And I demand you answer right away!

Thank you for the example Re-design! :)

It's been like this for a long time. I agree, but these are kids mashing keyboards, the thought is directed to what the want more than actually engaging with other people. L

Tell me how to build a knex gun.

If you'd bother to do a search, you'd find this question has already been asked several times...


Most of us agree I reckon. I