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It's one small step for Instructables ... Answered

... but it's a giant leap for me!

The Birding Challenge has now reached a grand total of *five* valid entries.  That means I can hand out prizes!

So, don't sit there on that grand idea, somebody is going to win something - why can't it be you?

Don't forget, you can also enter Challenge entries into up to three of the more formal Contests (who doesn't need a laser cutter, right?).


cool what are the prizes?

This has been the week to end all weeks at work (the time there, which moderates how much 'at home time' I have)....I am still thinking about this though. :-)

I hear you - only three days left in the office, I have a tonne of stuff to do.

We've had A/C problems in the computer room (40+ servers and 3 midframes, and they put out a LOT of heat) shutting down. It's been a real fiasco here :-)

I'm sure you'll get plenty more entries before time is up!

so far 7! if it doesnt reach 10, what will be the prize?

If it doesn't reach ten, I shouldn't really award a prize, but I feel able to twist the rules a bit now.

I wanted fifty entries, though - it's a cool scope.

I hope to have some time this weekend.....is there a strict time limit ?

I'll be choosing a winner on the 29th - the day I fly back to the UK.