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It's over 900000... Answered

Well, my viewcount meter just kicked over 900,000.  Not bad for sticking around a couple of years and making cartoons downfall vids  poking fun at Kiteman ibles to pass the time. One of these days I'll make it into the millionaires club.

Winning contests ain't bad. Racking up a wardrobe of Robot t-shirts ain't bad. Getting featured ain't bad. Racking up a ton of free pro memberships ain't bad. Trolling spammers ain't bad.  Yup, not bad at all.

Anyone else reaching a milestone or getting close to their goal?

(for the interwebs challenged, the topic is a take on the "It's over 9000!" meme, look it up)


And now you're in the 2 million plus club! What a difference a few years can make. I'm dreaming of winning the lotto, but I'll settle for a million views and getting in the newsletter.

My goal is to be a featured author still. ;~)

*Uses force to get Instructable in the newsletter*

This is one of the best comment threads I have ever read on this site. =)

Nice one, congrats. The main milestone I remember passing was when my avatar went orange at 25 projects. Finally some street cred.

I believe you already have street cred. I'm still doing drive-by ibles.

Nice milestone, I have been following and liking many of your projects!

I have a particular fondness of your jalapeno recipe.

I reached one million today just after 4:30 PM MST!

Dang you people...wait, not Canadians, people getting more views than me.  Congratulations!


4 years ago

I reached 1000 subscribers today- woohoo!

That's great, you probably have real people interested in your work unlike me where I attract the spammers that I troll.

I made it the day before yesterday, too. Congrats!

Thank you! Not far to a Million any more. It would be extremely awesome to reach it by August 10th.

Yayayay! Congrats!

I'm getting close to 10 million, but it seems like it's coming up awfully slow. I need to stop looking at it and maybe it will go faster. :D

I think I have the record for "active person going stagnant for the longest time" *sigh*

I always tried not to break my records.....they didn't sound good if I did, and they tended to ruin the player's needle

thats why cassette tapes are the best, right behind that 8 tracks

I had a lot of bad expiences with cassettes too.....a strange loud squealing noise after being played a few too many times.

and getting stuck in the filters. It could be bad...

naa... is there something bad on instructables?
Congrats! I'm still far from one million but I'm coming fast, with a rate of almost 100,000/month ;-)

Do we generate carbon credits somehow?

Wow, I don't even have one ible that has kicked over 100,000 yet.

I've got one and I think it is the one that least deserves it...

Didn't there used to be an option to sort members by total views?

It would be interesting to be able to break it down by *average* views per instructable...

Jayefuu used to do that with his scripts and stats patches. He's been quiet as of late.

He has cool toys to play with at university, micro x-ray scanners and such...

100,000 a month? Gosh.

I wonder what Scoochmaroo's projects pull in at the moment?

Actually my analysis is pretty optimistic, I've reached 600,000 views in 6 months and 20 days, so to be accurate it's less than 90,000/month. Many of them have 20-30,000 views, and only one has more than 100,000. Unfortunately statistics don't work good for one year period, and for more than a few instructables selected.. so I'm not able to handy summarize the trend of my ibles...


I'm currently at 3.4 million, which sounds a lot until you realise that Christy's Play Doh project is on 3.5 million by itself!

Scary, just  One ible !!

Wow well done. I've been a follower for some time and really enjoy your work.

I made 1000 Best Answers on Saturday.

That would be too much work. It would take the snark right out of me...wait

Congratulations! And why exactly did you poke poor Kiteman in the eye?