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It's that time of year again! Answered

It's time to get ready for the breeding season, folks!

If you enjoyed the bird-surveying Instructable I wrote this time last year, now is the time to start taking action.

The regional officers are now contacting people who have taken part in the past, and looking for more people to take part this year.

Register here to take part, because for British birders, this is one of the few legitimate chances to go birding off-piste, plus you are contributing to an important piece of long-term science.


The paperwork has arrived for "my" square, and I've written to the landowner for permission to gain access.

Good idea. Anyone standing around here with a pair of binoculars and taking notes is just asking for trouble.

I am always concerned about the various hunting seasons around here. I always double check before going out into the country anymore; some of those people will shoot anything that moves, and a few things that aren't moving.

The owner of my square breeds pheasants for hunting - If I don't plenty of notice that I'm coming, I run the risk of bumping into the wrong end of a bunch of idiots with shotguns, liable to blast away at any movement they see.

(And when I'm in my birding gear, I don't stand out as human, don't shoot!.)

*note to self, read entire topic before acting*

Now I'm on a list! Thanks kiteman...

You're doing the survey?

Or you forgot that birds can have feathers?