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It's that time of year again... Answered

Well, here we go again, school's starting up again and summer is coming to a close. I've modified my binder to show my tastes. What's the rest of the young Instructables community (and Kiteman) doing to get ready for school?


Awww i havent got my patch 'n' sticker yet :(

i havent got any real-world object from instructables

It's from the last BQ contest. I've won two patches, an honorable mention sticker package, a BQ bumper sticker, and a shirt from Discover Magazine.


9 years ago

i guess im gonna keep living for a living

Homework. And lots of it o_O I go back tomorrow, new suit et all.

New suit?

Private school?

I used to go to one, uniforms suck =[

Nah it's a public school, but in the UK most public schools have uniform. The 6th form here has no strict uniform, just a formal dress code.

Hey dude what subjects are you doing ? Im doing Geography, Design Tech, Economics, Physics

Maths, Chemistry, Electronics and Physics.

Cool ! Havent heard of electronics before

When I was in the 6th form, the rule was; dress as though you work in a bank.

The year after I left, they allowed denim.

The year after that they allowed leather...

Banks have really gone downhill...

Which ever the one before the one before University is the one i'm in, the year above is also called sixth form.

Yeah, our rule is pretty much the first one, with a few more restrictions.

What is this 'school' you all talk about?

It's a place some of us get paid to go to...

Haha! my comment was aimed at all the school attendees - i see your stuck in education then? so you enjoy it?

I usually enjoy it - Ofsted and what-not are stressful, and it's particularly busy for me now, Since I just got promoted to (acting) head of year. Third day of the year, and I have suspended my first student, and I have phoned more parents in the last three days than in the last year as a mere class tutor.

kiteman - Destroyer of worlds

Well, if I'm honest, it's more;

Kiteman - Slight Denter of Just the One World

What did they do to earn such punishments?

The suspended child swore at a teacher, but the others were less serious.

:( Don't you just hate that aspect of the job?

It's a place the rest of us pay to go to...

I'll post pics of my gear later; right now Mom's taking me to get my very own saxophone... The one in my avatar belongs to the school I attended last year. Hopefuly I can get a black one :D

LoL... That's what your avatar is!! :O I have never looked closley at it. I always thought it was an Egyptian head dress type thing with gold on it... That was funny.... Now my sides hurt..;)


9 years ago

Just finished my floppy disk messenger bag. It is rainbow.

Caitlin just decorated her writer's notebook/journal with some ibles stuff and pictures. Now she will taunt me with "You are not smarter than a 5th grader."


I've been in school for more than a month...

Today was my third day. I just finished my homework. They tell us the average home work time is 2 hours, but I ended up taking 5 hours for homework. I guess that is what I get for taking AP classes.

Which AP classes are you taking? Are you a senior?

I am a junior. I am taking AP English and Language and AP U.S. History. We also have this thing called "phases" where 5 is AP or IB, 4 is honors, and 3 is academic. So I take either phase 5 or phase 4 classes.

I don't know if y'all have a credit system like we do here, but they've changed things for us so that we need so many credits, it's only possible to take AP classes in your senior year or at a community college. I still don't know how I'm going to make the jump from Gifted Math 3 to AP Calculus.

There are lots of calculus and pre-calc CDs you can work on at home, so you'll be ahead of the game, plus many resources online.

Not really - not all the calls were for bad reasons, and the parents I called appreciated being kept in the loop.

Alas, the local authorities frown on that kind of thing

Ugh, I've been back since the 27th

Alas, your words are true...

Retreats to back of room and puts on dunce cap...