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It's the 18th!! Answered


I guess they haven't held the ceremonies yet... The event isn't even listed at the place where it is being held, so I couldn't find out what time it starts.

The ticket sales are still up though:

"Twenty award winners will be announced live at the ceremony at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on January 18, 2008 at 7:30 pm."

Ah, so by the time the awards are announced, it will be going to have happened yesterday. I think.

I expect Eric to be texting the results to Instructables HQ as he is walking towards the podium... ;-)

Speaking of texting - the live feed actually "blipped" while they were announcing the winner of the "user generated content" award, so I texted Christy immediately. Unfortunately, she never responded v_v.

Ah. I was actually looking for the tickets first, but I couldn't find it so I went to the events schedule.

As the underdog by far, I think it's unlikely we'll win. I am just happy to be recognized and included in the running. I imagine results will be posted on Techcrunch or one of the other sponsoring sites (or even one of the silicon-valley gossip rags!) by before I'll have a chance to post anything.

Eric - you and the gang were awesome in that short video that they played!

You should have written a script to make the instructables robot constantly delete cookies and re vote!


10 years ago

Crunchies winners

Predictably, Digg took the 'best user-generated content' prize.


Booooooooooo, Digg sucks... well I've never actually visited... but it can't possably be better then Instructables. they should change the award to... most subscribers willing to click "Vote" button... because the BEST user generated content is here.

but it was caught, and removed....the really bad ones don't get in

an instructable for "my fave strawberry panic characters" just a bunch of pictures of some 17 year old's favorite characters from a stupid anime show.

yeah. that was a lot of people's response. that's why it was removed

I don't use Digg, but how is the content "user generated"? Unless the site has changed a lot since I last looked, it's basically people saying "hey, look at this thing that somebody else has posted somewhere else". That's like saying that an art gallery is created when a bunch of people say "cor, did you see that?"

That's exactly what Muffin and I said when we were watching it...but the way he worded it was "User Suggested Content"

I don't use Digg, but how is the content "user generated"?

I completely agree, as was noted by many on Eric's original post. Digg is an index, with no user-generated content (other than opinions.)

It's actually a little worse than that IMO--Digg seems to promote a more passive 'consumer' attitude than almost all the DIY or hardware hacking sites....

MEH!!! :( I hate the layout of the site. I only like Digg when my projects end up there. ;)

Thanks for your support! Everyone here is just awesome! As I've noted elsewhere, I'm really happy Instructables was selected as a finalist and compared on equal ground against much bigger websites. When Kevin Rose accepted the award for Digg, I thought he made one of the nicest comments of the evening noting that he used each of the finalists sites and that they were all great. The only part of the evening I'm disappointed about is that MC Hammer was there, and I didn't know until afterwards, so I didn't get a chance to talk with him! I was a big "Can't Touch This" fan when it first came out.

Well, I can't say i thought we were going to win, but it would have been nice.

Ah, now I can place a name with a face LOL or whichever end was being shown there ;-)

if we dont win im gonna rip the F'in heads off EVERY1 AROUND ME!!!! wait what are we competing for?

Oooooooooooh, it's going on right now!

I'll still be up then...I better scavenge online directories for Eric's phone number =]