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It's the End of an Era! The End of Television as We Know it!! Answered


It's... unthinkable!

No maniac smile, no undercurrent of universe-spanning horrors...

But, wait... that leaves a vacancy!

Bets are already being taken on the successor, but... shouldn't it be an unknown? Somebody new to TV? Somebody with the charisma and confidence to carry off lines full of made-up names and sciences?

Where do I apply?

BBC Doctor Who Site


Why does it have to be a guy?! That's so sexist.

He started male, 900 years ago.

It's a bit late to change now...

If you're not in the UK, this squiggle is a spoiler:
The is a female Time Lord loose in the universe - the Doctor have a clone-daughter, who turns out to be potentially as unkillable as Captain Jack.

What is Doctor Who? It was NEVER released in Turkey AFAIK so I don't know.

If you're not in the UK or you're not obsessed. I fall under the obsessed category. ;)

LOL - I sometimes get confused when "other cultures" don't have the same media references that I do. After all, everybody knows Batman, Coke and Charlton Heston, so why doesn't everybody know Doctor Who and the transverse engine?

At least in America, "Doctor" sounds like something smart, and heaven forbid americans watching something "educational" on tv. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch Super Ultra Giga Happy Friendship Friends League of Friendly Justice DELUXE Z: The quest for Coca-Cola Pizza funtime

I've seen some of the David Tennant ones. Only one episode comes to mind, It was about the last dalek or something. Anyway, it was pretty good, but if I remember correctly, some aspects did seem a bit too weird for me, but then again, I'm not too fond of sci-fi.....

Does she turn up in the 10th's time?

Doof! Shtoopid PBS!! They better show it already... (I've only seen 9th and 1st season of the 10th)

No, it's not! Now is the perfect time for change! Change is good!

Who negatively rated that? It's true! You, you, you change-fearing person, you!

Someone negatively rated my comment that now is the perfect time for change.

Er... how? All I see is reply, flag, delete, no "rate" buttons at all.

What am I missing here?

A monkey thing! Yes, it is a monkey thing... :D

You Should get it. Go to zachninme's page.

Oh-just read the squiggly. I'm still figuring out the show, so I don't know what it all means, but okay, I think I see potential here...

And can I just say that I really dislike not being able to watch any of the videos on the BBC site for Doctor Who? :( not available in your area not available in your area not available in your area

. If you want to go to the trouble, you should be able to run through a proxy in the UK. Maybe any EU one will work.

EU ones shouldn't work either.

The official justification is that it's the UK viewers that pay the license fee that funds the website, so it should just be UK viewers able to watch the videos.

It is absolutely nothing at all to do with trying to stop their international customers watching programmes for free, three years before they're available in their country.

Somebody ought to write an ible about how to fool the BBC into thinking you live in the UK...

But wouldn't that be illegal? Or just unethical?

Or just natural justice?

They're happy to spread teasers all over YouTube, then deny access to the good stuff because of geography - it's not like they offer a subscription service for non-UK viewers, they're just saying "You can't watch this because you're not British" - people who don't pay their license fee can watch it, simply because they are in the UK.

Extreme simile: the Chinese gov't restricts websites based on geography - are they right? Visitors can take a get-around tool into China on pendrive - technically illegal, but morally right?

If it is illegal, I want nothing to do with it.

I haven't checked the legality, but in my opinion it is at least hypocritical for the BBC to run stories about other countries censoring the internet, then they restrict access to their content based purely on what country you live in.

Oops sorry!

I just don't get that guy.

IIRC, this was his dream. Ever since he was a little kid. And he worked and worked and did everything he could to make his dream come true. He made it.

And now he walks away?! How do you do that?!

Personally, if they me have the key to the Tardis, even as an actor, they'd have prise it from my cold, dead hands...

I am sorry, I am not sure I understand that sentence ?

Oops, three letters missing:

...if they let me have the key to the Tardis, even as an actor, they'd have prise it from my cold, dead hands...

prise it from

Ok, I assume that is from a quote of someone? :-)


That actor chappy, Planet of the Apes. I think he was talking to the NRA, talked about prising his rifle from his cold, dead hands.

Similar sentiment to over my dead body.

Charlton Heston ?
Ok, I know of the phrase....you may have my gun(s) when you pry it from my cold dead hand(s)

Yes, and I believe earlier this year they succeeded. Mmmmm....tastes...bad ;->

I was just seeing if I could get Kiteman to devulge what prise meant in his sentence ;-)


That's it!

Basically, I would have been the Doctor until I died for real, never mind an FX regeneration.

Thanks; I thought I had understood what you meant....I was just unfamiliar with the word prise being used in that context :-)

My brother had a dream, since he was five, he knew what he wanted to do with his life, he grew up, went to school, got a job doing his dream, and quit after a year and never looked back. Dreams infrequently survive the harsh light of reality.

. For many ppl, it's the quest. The challenge. Once they achieve their goal, they become bored and start looking for a new challenge. Been there, done that, time to try something else.

I suppose I can understand it. Imagine your dream turning into a nightmare, where you hate what you used to love and you're sick of it. How awful would that be? I'm still going to miss him, though. :(