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Itunes album art HELP!? Answered

I just recently got my first Ipod and I've got album art on itunes its self, but not on my ITouch!
I cant for the life of me figure out Why! I've tried all kinds of tricks but I'm stumped!!



7 years ago

Hmmm, something isn't syncing properly. You mentioned that album art appears properly in iTunes; I assume you mean you can see the album art when in "Cover Flow" mode?

One thing you could try is connecting the iPod to your computer, selecting a track on the iPod, then choose "Get cover art."

done that multiple times. Then I asked this question, tried it again, and still nothin.
Now i haven't even connected my Ipod to the computer, and it swaped the cover art on some albums and videos for a montage of more than one album cover. Some of the covers in the montage thing I dont even have on my i pod. Now im way lost!!!!!

That's... really weird.

Are all your files tagged properly? Are they tagged the same on your iPod and computer?

I suggest removing all the music from your iPod and loading it on fresh.

thought of that checked it and yes they are tagged right. I am going to refresh it today.

If the album art is in itunes, then it should work on the pod -- double check your settings of stuff like "let itunes deal with my album art" or something. I don't currently have it installed, but I recall that was a problem.

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