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I've beaten Eric! Answered

I'll let the statistics speak for themselves...


Oh, no! Eric has moved up to 133.

Never fear, I have moved on to 134 with this skull.

This also means I have now drawn level with Canida!


6 years ago


Though I really need to get publishing, as you're only one behind me.
*looks shifty*

Once you pass me I'm definitely going to have to start counting pageviews instead of Instructables.

OK, forget this contest law nonsense. I'm devoting the rest of the year to making an Instructable just to stay ahead of you!

(Hey rest of the world - it's now officially Kiteman's fault.)

You've got a few days' grace - I'm working on my properly-laser-cutter-worthy project.

That was a typo. I meant that I'm devoting the rest of the year to making an Instructable every day or to just to stay ahead of you. (Not just 1 this year, hah.)

He's drawn even again, now, with that rather nifty flesh-eating koala...

Ah, for a moment, before I got here, I thought....how could he have possibly done physical harm to Eric when they are nearly half a world apart.....nice to know the beating wasn't literal :-)


(Is there a story to the new avatar? Beyond the bad joke, I mean.)

Ok, to be more specific....this cat has a new attitude (hopefully, I can continue with it ;-)

It'll be rough at first, according to the book I'm reading, but if I can salvage a "healthy" relationship out of this, I'll be happy, and if it all falls apart....I'm not dead yet, I can start over...kind of. :-)


I'm "heading in a new direction...." 


Kewl. I should get back to posting. Heh.

Wow, e-Hi-Five! Nice work.

Win Guy


6 years ago

Now that is a LOT of instructables. I really feel like a slacker with only 22...

I had a head start...

I joined in October of 2006 so that's a nine month lead, darn it! I'll have to post over 12 instructables per month over the next nine months just to try and catch up. :)

Worth a try!
Though maybe you should try comparing pageviews? :)

I've got a whole slew of projects I'm working on right now, two of which are fairly complex. I'm trying to get those finished plus a Halloween project so October's going to be really busy and fun. Luckily I get all of next week off work- woohoo!

Gosh, I didn't realise you'd been here so long!

Good job! but he has more total views :P

He's still a strong card in the deck.


Somebody else should really do an updated deck...

Another tenner spent on stuff I don't use....


Mine deck is doing sterling work, keeping several square inches of desk clear of dust.


6 years ago

I think some revelry is in order (unless of course tomorrow some numbers are "Changed")!


6 years ago

Genuflecting before your Avatar. . . . . A


Fun fact: the Koreans have invented a text emoticon for this:


or if you're my height,


Thank you, but that is not really necessary.

Awesome! GJ by making more ibles than the head of the website!
But both your ibles are still really awesome!
Especially "How to make your phone into a robot!"

Welcome! Hope you will keep making more awesome ibles in the future!