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I've been at it again, in washington. Answered

Well after my trip to linuxhaxors house and wrecking his fence I went to washington on my way back to put shampoo in sunbank's coffee but didn't stop there, I got a little randy and have started a new plague in washington university, my spawn have run wild all over the campus attacking students and bicycles, apparently the cause of the attacks are because my young uns are so damn cute that people try and get close to them, causing them to charge.

You can't even get near the fountain... Bent bikes, slashed tyres and broken shins are the order of the day.




9 years ago

oh no

damn it you should've brought me LM's XP disk. i live in tacoma

turkish instructacon please!i can be your guide there

Add sunny to your list and thats 4 people! Woo!

We drove by WSU the other day buy I didn't see any jackalopes sadly :( lol

Somebody needs to photoshop that picture to bring out your true killer nature.

Yes it's already a fake I've been working on making it killerjackalope, I thought this was an excellent page, read the discalimer for full understanding...

It needs fangs, very long fangs. And spikes across its back and its eyes need to be red, blood red.

Play dead, or keep a bottle of jack handy, let it drink it and hit it with the bottle, it wont stop it for long but it'll confuse it a bit...

I know to do that, but does anything bad happen if one bites you?

Your skin will rot into an ever-expanding cavity of puss, venom, and dead flesh at the bite mark, so treat it like a Brown Recluse Spider bite, just add some Meat Tenderizer and it should heal in about two to three weeks.

How would you know.

Because that avatar is actually part of his medical records... ;-)

"Here's your tea Mr. Bun bun" "Mr. Bun bun?" "AAAhhhhh!!1!" <\flashback>

*shudders in remembrance*
It happened...


Well my leg, I mean the squirrel, no, the deer, looks more like it was bit by a Gila Monster, Not a brown recluse.

A friend of mine had a mounted Jackalope head mounted on a plaque. I was very nicely constructed too. A real taxidermist did it, not some machine.


10 years ago

What? did I miss something!? -You're in yankeeland.... you saw linuxhaxor and sunbanks..?

Jokes about stuff thats happened, linux got his fence wrecked and there was talk of blaming me... Then I had to sneak in to sunbanks house and put shampoo in her shower...

I am not sure what that is, but is doesn't sound as bad. I got a real thing about any "soap" in my mouth ever since I was a youngin (I wonder WHO could have caused that ?)

No shampoo in the coffee is awful, many mornings my coffee accompanies me to the shower, after the shampoo incident I simpy started washing my hair in the sink when I shaved, which actually saves a bit of water, the downside is that you see how dirty your hair was...

PSSST!!! ( ix-nay on the -hairtalk-ay around Goodhart!....uh.....ey)

Oh! Uh..hey there Goodhart!!!!

He has hair... besides you still need to use shampoo without hair, ever seen a bald with dandruff, it's not pretty...

*shrug* you got me.....that is where I KEEP my shampoo, in the shower stall. *shrug*

Why didn't I see this before?

I should have... I never even knew about it until you mentioned it!

its the killer rabbit from montey python and the holy grail! someone get the holy hand grenade of oscarith.
book of armament, tomb 2 (chemical damage) psalm 12.1
and oscar set out to help his people! he mixed sodium chlorate and sugar at a 3:1 ratio, and poured the fine powder into its holy container. and the land feasted on moose, and sardines, and veal chops, and steak, and hamburgers etc
psalm 12.2
to use: liftest thine holy hand grenade of oscarith over thine head, gently wind up, and throw it at thine enemy so he be smitten with oscar's incendiary bomb. utilize caution, as the holy hand grenade of oscarith is percussion detonated, and shalt blast thine enemy to a smoky carcass