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I've been thinking of building my own cantilever toolbox? Answered

The toolbox is of the type where the  trays are stacked on top of each other when the toolbox is closed, and while opening the trays slide parallel to each other,
like "https://cdn.instructables.com/FH2/5VIC/HJKC7DVA/FH25VICHJKC7DVA.MEDIUM.jpg".and "https://cdn.instructables.com/FW3/2NQ0/HJKC2BEG/FW32NQ0HJKC2BEG.MEDIUM.jpg"
But I can't find the measurements for the length of the cantilevers and where they should be placed etc..
Can the toolbox be made out of wood or would metal be better?




Best Answer 4 years ago

Here's my suggestion for the procedure to find measurements for the cantilevers.

1. Decide your measurements for each piece of the box.
2. Make some reasonable guess how much the smaller boxes have to overlap the bottom box in open position. (A-B distance on my drawing).
3. Then draw open and closed views on top of each other (like the purple and pink rectangles on my drawing).
4. Mark a reasonable spot for innermost cantilever attachment on the small box, in it's both positions (like the two yellow spots on my drawing). Be precise to replicate the exact spot on the small box in it's other position.
5. Find the midpoint between the two spots and mark it with vertical line (green line on my drawing).
6. Choose a bottom attachment point for the cantilever on that line.

7. Place other cantilevers exactly in parallel and on the same heights as the first one.

Observe at the end of this video (from around 5:00). You can see a test piece on the table. Learn from the professionals and take that extra step also. Too bad his procedure of constructing the cantilevers is not in the video.


This is a picture of such a tool box with the dimensions marked in mm.

Have fun

tootl box2.jpg

Better than nothing but I may face problems with the big cantilevers joining the handle to the base via another short cantilever (whose measurements aren't shown). Do you have a more detailed version of this?

Nope I got the picture off google and dimensioned it for you.

After that your on your own

Wood is more labour intensive, steel is a cheaper material and thats why the commercial versions are pressed steel.

What kind of weight were you thinking of ?

I don't really have a set weight in mind; indeed the drive behind building the toolbox was to gather tools lying about. Though i don't have any heavy-weight tools, I think maybe the total weigh of my tools would be around 4 kg (~8 pounds)?

Should be pretty simple then. Wood will work. Draft a side view, and put your cantilever bars on with pins to play with it. If there's a lot of load, then you can use three bars per side