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I've disabled adblock plus on instructables.com and I still dont get my favorite button back. WTF Answered

Ok I've added Instructables.com to my adblock plus whitelist and still zero favorite button.  This new bullcrap where you disable this functionality is irritating.  I have to copy and paste every single link that I want to favorite into another web browser just so that I can favorite things.  Please just stop being jerks about this because I really like your site and I like to promote it to people I know when I see some good things.  But this is down right frustrating.  Alot of people never ever even install adblock most of the people who i know dont even understand that ads can even be blocked to begin with.  So you're punishing your more savvy viewers that likely wouldnt be clicking the ads in the first place?  Wow thats jerkish.


Hi, thanks for the concern. We haven't disabled the favorite button, but it may not be displaying correctly for you. Here's what you need to do:

First make sure you don't have any script blocking software running on your browser (like AdBlock), this ad-on stops the site from loading correctly and prevents certain areas from loading.

Next, log out and clear your browser cache, then refresh and log back in.

If this doesn't solve your issue then I'd try updating your broser to the most current version and try again. There's always the ctrl+D option if you want another form of bookmark.

I dont really understand the concept behind why the favorite button is blocked by these things but nothing else. That seems pretty intentional to me. :S This has been a reported on issue for over 6 months.

I really think that I shouldn't have to delete all of my browser cache because one website wont fix a silly html5 bug. You see where I'm coming from?

I use latest dev builds of my browser (think nightlies) so i'd imagine it cant be that.

I tried editing the html source to try and extract the url to maybe use later but I guess im just bad at that.

Finally ctrl+d is good and fine and all but the point is to support the other people on the site by favoriting ibles that I enjoy. I don't know it just makes no sense to have this be an issue.

What browser does it work in and what browser are you having problems with? I can't find the forum topic now, but staff said previous issues with this were to do with having ANY javascript modifying extensions installed, not just adblock plus. In which case I'm not sure whitelisting Instructables will help.

If I remember correctly, the favourite button is one of the last bits of javascript to run when the page is loaded. Meaning any interruption due to greasemonkey/adblocker/etc stops the button working.

I know it's not a solution, but does completely disabling adblock+ make the button work in the browser you're having issues with?

IIRC, the myriad possible combinations of scriptblocker*version number*browser*version number*whatever other add-ons have been installed*their version numbers makes it impossible to make the site run perfectly for every user.

It is not a deliberate ploy to punish anybody for being savvy, not is it some sort of conspiracy to force advert views or allow tracking of users.

If you are having genuine issues with being able to use the site in a satisfactory manner, you need to contact the site directly via service@instructables.com, or PMing one of the staff at HQ (see the "About" page), and explaining what is going wrong.

Please remember to include information about what operating system you are using, which browser, what add-ons you have installed, and what versions of each you are using.

I'm sure it's not deliberate. But it's not a sign of great skills, either.

I figure the developers don't care if we can use that feature... Apparently it's not an important feature in their eyes.
I can live without it, so most of the time I don't use it. *shrug*

It's too much of a hassle to allow two sites I do not trust to run scripts. Not to mention that it makes me feel unsafe. In general, it's not worth it, IMO.

I can't comment on the skills, except to say they are far greater than mine.

As for not caring, I can say with certainty that that is untrue - there is a huge amount of effort goes into making the members' experience of the site "right". The dev team, though, is small, and they are forced to prioritise issues on the site. Issues like this have to be addressed on an individual, case-by-case basis, and sometimes the dev team are forced to set them aside in order to do the larger part of their job, or to deal with issues that affect more people.

I know that's not a completely satisfactory answer, especially if you are the one suffering a useability issue and feeling ignored, but it's the best answer I can give. To you, the topic author, and anybody else reading this, though, please remember that there are also a team of volunteers, the Community Team (click on "Members"), who are always willing to help with non-bug issues, and who also have the ability to "triage" issues being discussed in the forums and push them under the dev team's collective nose.

There's a Community Team? I would never have known.

Honestly, the thing this website would benefit most from IMO is a FAQ. There is so much that takes forever to stumble across, if it happens at all.

I know that the dev team cares. I just don't think they care so much about this particular feature, or they would have found a way to make sure everyone could use it.

It's a very very similar situation to BookCrossing (small dev team, so many bugs, so little time) and the funny thing is that I'm on Support there, and often find myself playing the part you played here just now. So believe me, I know where you're coming from.

But really, a FAQ is not hard to code and it would make all the difference. And no, a forum section named FAQ is not really the same.

An FAQ was mooted some time ago, but was never really useful, since the site at the time was in a state of flux, and many regular questions had no regular answers.

I've got a pile of stuff going on right now, but maybe it's time to raise the idea again.

I can help answer/write answers if you need. We should compile a list of questions. Start a collaborative Instructable to ask/answer the questions, then propose it as a page under the "About Us" section of the footer once complete?

AWESOME! I will gladly help.

I would gladly pay like a one time fee to this website to disable ads and support things here. Theres zero way that they don't get lots of ad revenue and sponsorship support from all of the competitions here. I just am starting to feel like its a bit stingy to ignore the "unintentional" bug of a feature somehow disappearing after an ad or a script is blocked.

The adblock plus guy states upon plugin install that he makes his living off of coding that plugin which in my mind means that he goes to great lengths to avoid breaking websites for people since if this plugin he had developed was doing that he wouldn't be making much of a living would he.

As a paying user or a non paying user or even just someone who frequents this website internet economics and ethics seem to point to if you cant manage to compete while providing a free service to people you cant compete. I really adore instructables very much and I love to brag about how awesome it is to everyone but I cant say that I'm not sore about not wanting to be bombarded by adverts on my computer. Or stalked by webspiders that do url tracking long after I've left their website. *Cough Facebook *cough...

you could always do some more Instructables, get featured, and get free Pro membership, whereupon you don't get intrusive ads.

You have no idea how many instructibles I have queued up for when I manage to find the time and ambition to submit them. :P

The favorites system could definitely be improved upon. But I do enjoy knowing that my favorite ible's are stored on the site some stuff I don't like hoarding into my browser that has to sync to all of my systems/devices.

I see it like this. if the developers dont see the favorite system as an important thing than why aren't they attempting to make it work for them. I mean pretty much 100% of their content is user driven free donated submissions to instructables. I feel like a favorite / upvote/downvote system is pretty crucial these days.

Youtubes entire revenue stream works based on it.

Here's a very important point: We are not YouTube, nor are we FaceBook. They are tools that we exploit, but they do not set the standards to which we aspire.

There used to be a +/- rating system here, but it was generally abused by members with a grudge, or deliberately down-rating other folks' work to make their own look better. Take a look at the comments left of projects here, and compare them to the comments left on YouTube videos - which would you prefer to see on your work? Which are more useful to the authors?

Also, please note, I did not say they saw it as unimportant, I said that there were other issues that are *more* important (such as yesterday's changes to the image displays).

I appreciate the reply very informative. It just infuriates me that it seems that in order to use this websites social functionality (a huge part of how the internet works) I need to completely disable my security plugins.

Ad-blocker shouldn't affect the favorites button. The entire website is written with script though, so if you have a script blocker, it makes things a bit messy.

The way scripts work on the page, it loads from beginning to end, as soon as there's an error, nothing after that point in the script loads.

In order to optimize the sites, the favorites button is one of the last things to load, if your script blocker blocks googles ads (for example, which are also written in javascript), the page stops there and nothing else loads.

I know it's a bit inconvenient, but instructables is also trying to make money from those advertisements, so when you block them, all you're doing is hurting the website.

If my script blocker (the ever popular NoScript) allowed me to load scripts for Google and Facebook on Instructables alone, I might be willing.
But as far as I know, that's not an option and I'm not going to open my computer up to [especially exactly] those two companies all over the web. It's not worth it to me.

So, sadly, your optimization is wasted on me.

Look maybe if we're displeased with how adblockplus works maybe we should contact the developer and say hey look can we catch all of the adverts load them in the background in their own little sandbox so that webdevs get their ad revenue for displaying the ads and we never see them still. I don't click ads ever. Sometimes actually I even troll click so if its something that I don't ever plan on using or if its a frustratingly annoying thing I'll just click it so that that prick has to pay for my click and I never actually read whats on that page.

But i know that aside some people do like having adverts it in the words of my stepsister back in the day. "I like adverts they let me know whats out there"