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I've found a UV/Black-light flashlight thing, What should I do with it? Answered

I was digging through some old stuff when I found this flashlight thing. The top is an actual flashlight (broken), but there is a (working) black-light running down the side. Is there anything cool I can do with it? Or build or something?


It might have been designed .....to find where pets have "marked their territory". I think urine, dried or not, shows up when UV is passed over it.

you give up to easy, you haven't even started hunting. I would have said the same thing when i lived in maryland, until they infested our laundry room.

Fit a remote switch to the lamp. Dress in white bleached cotton. Wedge the lamp in a tree beside a dark lane. When people walk past, switch on the lamp and look ghostly...


10 years ago

This could be a unit used to find leaks in auto air conditioning systems. Add uv dye to the recharge nipple and look for the leak...

walk all over your house when its dark out with the light on. hotels are another good place to look. also, bring it to your dry cleaner. lint glows under uv. build a laser tag arena. tape it to the ceiling, take off your shirt and lie down for a while.

Inspect the cleanliness of hotel rooms when you travel? Bring the party with you? If you had two you could put them on the underside of your shoes and get that suped-up car effect... actually.... note to self: lights on the soles of my shoes

Do they make adult sizes of the shoes the light up as you walk?

When they first came out long long ago I think they did. But this is different from that. These are not lights on the sides of shoes, but lights on the bottom of shoes. So, every time you take a step it would give a strange glow; almost as if you are floating on the miraculous illuminating light of science!