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Ive got a 12V PC fan with stripped wires, whats the best way to get it to work again? Answered

I was hoping for a battery powered fan, but im not so sure.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Apply 12 volts to the fan! anything above about 6 volts will operate the fan, just at a slower speed. A small battery pack works, 12 volt battery, wall wart, etc. I wired a fan into my enclosed computer desk - so the computers wouldn't die - and wired it to a wall wart putting out about 9 volts (so it ran quieter).

I did try a 9V battery however this failed to move the fan. Ill have to see what i can come up with to get to 12 V.

double check the polarity. It should work if the battery has almost any reasonable charge.

battery was dead. stupid thing was working a short time before

I've found 12V fans will run on 5V, but not very fast mind. Like Frollard says, 9V should work - if it doesn't even twitch or spin if you give it a start with your finger, either the fan or the battery is "out of order".