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I've got a NORMAL DS, and I've lost my charger. I wanted to know if anyone hacked the DS to fit AA batteries? Answered

Well my normal battery goes like one hour and then it's over and I've also lost my charger, now I want to know if you can hack a NORMAL ds to fit in AA batteries or something like that.


you can have my charger i snapped my ds in half

i know this is waay old, but there is a way. first, find the voltage of the ds battery. then just find a regulator for it, and wire it to a few AAs. then, just put the other side of the circuit onto the contacts in the ds.

i have a question for you miles, how do you fix a DS Lite with a fried circuit?

You can't fix that lol. Sorry for far too late reply. You will need to get a new ds or a new circuit board.

Buy another one or Gameboy Advance SP chargers work in it.

Why don't you just buy another one? It is cheaper and easier then using then modifying your batteries.