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I've got a leaky pipe under my kitchen sink how do i fix it? Answered

Can anyone point me towards an instructable for fixing leaky pvc pipe? Thank you


It is very easy to work with PVC piping. You may have to make a trip to a hardware store if you have a broken pipe, buy the right size pipe, elbow and/or the right fitings you need. Try a cheap approach first and make sure that the fittings of the pipe are correctly tighten, worn threads or loose fittings will leak. Do not use any tools! You should tight the fittings with your bear hands. If you still have a leak, maybe you have a broken pipe and need to replace it. PVC piping is inexpensive and you can find the right size at any hardware store. If you are unsure about how to work with PVC, do a web search or buy a homeowner's plumbing howto book. I wish you the best!

Speaking of cheap..... I use fingernail polish remover for primer and only "hot"" glue.

This might get more responses in the forums. Can you add photos of the leaky bit? For instance, is it a split in the pipe, or a leaky joint? If it's the joint, is it a glued joint, or a compression fitting?

A photo would help a lot, because the available space can influence the choice of repair.

Can you give some more details or a picture?