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I've got aggressive monster blue black wasps that won't die with wasp killer spray!!!! Help me please? Answered

I live in Massachusetts. I have an inground pool and the nest is under the edging of the pool. They're HUGE like 2 inches long and they're black with a blueish hue and frequently carry grasshoppers into the nest. I'm not sure but from researching they might be digger wasps That's what wikipedia says but when I google image search them it's not the same looking wasp. I've tried killing them with wasp/hornet spray but the dam things are invincible and the spray doesn't even phase them! Last year I killed a handful of them by stalking and smacking with my flip flop which isn't easy because they're fast and very aggressive. You can't get within 10 feet of the nest and they after you. I have dogs, curious dogs. And kids. Kids with friends that like to come swim but everyone's afraid to go out there because of these things. What's the right chemical to kill them with I've tried this wasp killer


Start with spraying them with Soapy water. Soak them with it and make it extra soapy. That will allow you to get close to the nest. Find Sevin. Apply as recomended. It is not a knockdown killer, but it will eliminate all of the wasps and likely prevent more from returning.

Hope it helps!

i think that's the one. it's black but has this blue shimmer to it. what a beast. thanks for the help!

i used to have one of those i killed though the thing was f!@#$% up.


1 year ago

ok m8, get a bee suit

then, grab some hairspray and a lighter

and I think you know what comes next


1 year ago

I have hundreds in my yard and have never been attacked by any. In fact, I am purposely trying to save them. The aggressive wasps are the yellow jackets, not the black (or shinny dark blue is you prefer to call them that). They are pollinators. Of course, if you go out of your way to destroy their nest, logic says they will try to protect their home.


2 years ago

what I find interesting about the comments is that my nest of these bast**ds is under the concrete in the corner of my garage. I have sprayed tempo and filled the sand back in they dug out in multiple holes they fly in and out of. Since I can not spray the nest directly, any suggestions of how to rid myself of these bad boys?

Depending the size of the hole you could either drown them or put quikrete in the hole.

Thank you Gordon28. I will try the quikrete .

get a can of wd 40 and and a lighter and start burning them like crazy thats how i handled all of my bee and wasp problems.

Wow, and how many buildings did you burn down using this method???? Doesn't sound too safe to me. Ha, ha.

heh. the one i saw a few years ago was way bigger than that. like five inches. not sure what it was doing doing in North America as it definitely looked like it belonged in the Amazon Basin or was some kind of evil faery hallucination. it was not aggressive tho.

I had a huge wasp AND bee problem in our garage one year and we had these big cans of knock-down killer from USSteel, it worked for most of them, but once they were mobile we had to leave for awhile then come back.
I found the best and fastest way when I ran out of the big stuff. I was looking for anything cuz they were near my car and I am pretty allergic to bees and wasps. I grabbed a can of Starter Fluid. The kind with a straw on it. Holy cow. I ended up clearing the entire colony with that one can. I could hit with more accuracy from farther away and soak the hives, the other stuff was foamy and required that it touched them so spraying the hives was useless except at the entry which was inside garage.
If you soak down those papery hives with starter fluid they won't last long at all

That's a blue-black cricket hunter. Verified using the National Audoban Society's Guide to N. American insects and spiders.

My preferred method is a can of liquid carburetor cleaner and a brush. One brush stroke directly n the nest will kill them all instantly.

Wasps are fun to get rid of, because how susceptible to the environment they are. Try placing a bag of dry ice on the concrete above their nest. Come back in a little while, and the nest will be mostly inactive. Or point the exhaust from a gas engine into their nest... Similar result.

get a hose and fill the pool until the nest is under water, then laugh at them drowning

I had to dispose of a wasps nest once so I waited until night-time when they were all in the hive and then poured on Evo-Stick remover. This is a petroleum based solvent with a very, very heavy vapour which knocked them out and killed them in a few minutes.