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JAR - Jollex's (Knex) Assault Rifle Answered

 This is a really powerful single shot assault rifle I made recently.  I was going to post instructions on ibles but the instructable maker thing kept screwing up so I'll just link you guys to the instructions on KI:



I made it when it was on ki.
I really owns with 2 rubberbands.

It's just a fact.
I will make a pic of mine.
Idk why but i will.

 Cool I like seeing pics of my guns that other people make.

I know how it feels.
Making pics now.

 Nice pic :) I'm modding the trigger guard so I might post pics tomorrow.

I think the trigger is a bit far for your finger.
Is that what you fixing?

 No I just don't like the look of the current trigger guard.

Made the trigger guard look better?

I hope it will look cooler.


8 years ago

I know this is just my superannoyingcritiquingness kicking in, but... "single shot assault rifle"..... *Head explodes due to the contradictorynessness.*

 No.  You're wrong.