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JAck in the box toy Answered

Has anyone hacked a Jack in the box? I've spent 2 hrs with paper drawing up mechanisms, but it'd be nice to see what they use for the toys without buying one. Any help? Greg


Hey folks, thanks. I'm actually working on building some larger ones as sculpture. So I may end up with a more complicated gear/wheel set up to do the popping. I'm thinking 4 different "Jacks", but in maybe a 4ft cube. Greg

I have to agree with Kiteman, it isn't like we would be depriving the world of a necessary tool that will cause detriment to the world because of it's loss. Hacking is about "learning how it works". Find a 1/2 dollar J-inna-box at a garage sale and have fun ! I kick myself every time I realize I had access to one of the ultimate "Rube Goldberg machines" ever to exist in the commercial world.....the punch card interpreter. I could pull the panel off one of those and watch all the gears and levers for minutes on end. . All mechanical workings, save a few resistors and motors, took a "reading" of he holes and then printed the interpretation onto the top of the cards. It was fantastic to watch.

There really isn't much to them. The crank turns a musical "music box like" mechanism and at a predetermined spot the latch is flipped by a tab that opens the top. With the top up unlatched, the spring pushed jack skyward :-) Guess that makes him a High Jack, then.