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JEWELLERS ROLAND JWX 10 Milling Machine FOR SALE CAD CAM Technology Answered

Hi, I have a little used ROLAND JWX 10 for sale including running software, reason for sale were doing a major upgrade, i love this machine!


I`ve now atatched some pics, Price $7300.00 is currently in Australia will ship and consider part payment of shipping

Hi Jon,
I am very interested in your JWX-10. Is it still available and how much do you think shipping would be from Australia? Also how would you need to get payment?

I am assuming the machine is complete with all software and is fully operational correct?

Please let me know.


Hi Cindy, yes its fully operational, complete in every way even the original shipping box!, software cables all attatchments instructions ect, where would shipping be to? so I can work research a price for you,
Regards, Jon

I am in Daytona Beach Florida. No offence, but I have to say I am a little nervous about it being so far away. How would we handle payment etc so that I am sure it arrives undamaged? I've never bought anything so expensive outside of the USA before.

Why are you selling it may I ask?

Thanks, and please let me know. My email is phredyeats@aol.com.

It would help if you posted images of the machine, plus your (approximate) location, some idea of the price you're looking for and how much it would cost to post (I imagine it's heavy).