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Jacket help? Answered

I'm just looking for a cool jacket to wear, as they are my favorite thing to wear, i like punk leather jackets, so anything in that area would be cool. just looking for suggestions.


I know this is old, but punk is about diy! make your own! my vest took ages to finish, and now I'm starting on a leather jacket for fall and spring. goodwill is awesome, and you can get stencils for patches off of stencilpunks.org, cut 'em out with an exacto knife and paint them on fabric, then sew them on. you can also get patches on angryyoungandpoor.com and interpunk.com if you want, but making them is a cooler experience imo. you can get studs and spikes for dirt cheap on studsandspikes.com. i got 1000 british style cone studs and one patch for like $35. (the entire cost of my jacket). I have about 27 patches, all but one hand made.

my girlfriend and I both made a vest, btw. try it, it's so much fun :3

P1110337 (675x900).jpg424018_2559511967649_1108482254_n.jpg

you can find jackets on etsy! just search punk vest on etsy.com.

Thanks a lot, i'll keep this jacket in mind

Hm! That's good to know about from several points of view. Thanks!