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Jak Pak Answered

The worlds first jacket that combines a jacket with a sleeping bag and a tent.
From the JakPAk site:(Jakpak)
Active Engineering LLC proudly introduces the JakPak, the world's first all-in-one waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and tent. Created by Active Engineering to provide safety and comfort in an unpredictable world, JakPak is the only portable personal sleeping system on the market designed for outdoors and sports enthusiasts, as well as emergency preparedness.

The patent pending JakPak design incorporates a waterproof sleeping bag, minimally-structured tent and insect netting into a comfortable jacket, creating an instant dry habitat that is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts, people living in areas prone to natural disaster, sports fans who will not be held back by a little rain, and anyone else in need of shelter.



9 years ago

It comes in Camo and Blue as well.

But would you wear a jacket that colour anywhere other than a building site?