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Jamatar Competition! VOTING NOW! Answered

Meh. I've had my avatar for a while now, and I decided to see if I should change it. I tried to make myself one, and it turned out... ok. So, I have to have 10 entries. Make an avatar for me and I will submit the first 7. Then, when we have 10 entries, It will be time to vote! So, yeah. Check the avatars, see which one you like. Don't vote yet! Pretty soon, I will have my self a new Jamatar!

EDIT: Voting now! Start voting, one allowed each, vote with the number! And closing date = May 31st, one year after I joined =)


Well done, but that bump was needless.

Who won?

NOOOOOOOOOO =( Ibles won't let me change my avatar! That is not fair =( Nevermind... At least I have one =/

What do you mean ~~Flash Gordon approaching~~ "Ibles won't let me change my avatar!" ? L

I mean Ibles won't register the images =(

The uploader is failing you - have you tried both? (and which won?) L

I like the flash one, that usually works better, but neither work yet.

I was waiting for an hour almost until I noticed that it is fake!

How about...


Did you notice the words "VOTING NOW!" or "voting now! Start voting, one allowed each, vote with the number!"? Entries have closed, you are invited to vote. (Also, animated gifs don't animate as avatars) L

Furthermore, animated .gif's don't work on most of Instructables.

Out of interest, why are you using the current not-square-and-getting-cropped image instead of one of your animations? L

This one is made on my DS! I like it because a friend made it for me

It's not square - the system is cropping it (the "f" is lost for one) L

"Dombee?" lol Yeah I know but isnt it still cool

Yeah, but square it up and we'd be able to see all of it.



That made me smile, I like when things get old and then they're dissed. But dombeef has previously acknowleded that he made them for some site a long time ago.


Which then got passed around the 'net to other people who claimed they made them. Darned plagiarism.

Those are the ones, but they're almost too tempting not to steal...? L

Huh? Are you saying that you want to steal them? It's Ok if you do I don't care.

I meant that they are (or were) the sort of things people would steal / have stolen. L

I noticed, and having used at least one of those I should think dombeef has too, but pretty things...


I beleive the phrase I need here is... 0wnd.

I'll vote for.... No. 3.

Just for the record, I didn't make the playstation one.

Don't choose until I have posted mine, it will wow you, it has taken me one hour so far. Here is a mediocre one while you are waiting though. :)

jamalam avatar 2.jpg

Okay, maybe I should show you first so I'm not wasting my time if you don't like it. Here is the TH in THE JAMALAM.

The Jamalam1.BMP

It is awesome, but we have the 10 =( I might use it if this phailz though lol

yeah, that would show up in reversed colors....

Not reversed, what Instructables does it converts gifs (and pngs, for that matter) to jpeg's, except on userpages.