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Jameco led color organ expansion? Answered

Heres the color organ



Now I really want to expand this. Do you think it is possible to connect sst relays instead of the leds that are on the board and then use some high power leds with drivers or strands of christmas lights?


I just noticed that the Jameco organ is already running off of 12vdc so you shouldn't have to have relays just put your led driver circuits inline where led's would have gone. When it comes to the Christmas lights then yes you could use 12vdc to 110ac relays to hook them up.

Yea it is 12 vdc and I have it running off a 12v 1amp supply. After watching a youtube video of someones color organ I think all I have to do is get bigger transistors cause the ones on the board are only rated at 200ma and i need atleast 700ma one to run a 3w high power led.

That seems to be sound logic to leave the core values the same and just upgrade the parts with higher tolerance replacements. It seems like you would only have to replace Q1-3 and the resistors past that because the chassis ground is your negative power source. The quad opamp should not be an issue because they are only amp'ing the audio signal not the power.

Yes you can use the power from the LEDs to trigger transistors which will allow the 5V to 12V needed to activate relays. Which in turn provide the power needed to run the LEDs and drivers of your choice.

So I couldn't just take the 12v+ and connect directly to all 3 relays and then individually ground each relay back to its corresponding channel? (all leds and resistors would be removed so it would be getting straight 12v to relays.) Then connect the drivers + leds to each relay? I have been researching a little and found out I might be able to just get bigger transistors that handle a higher ma to power straight to the high power drivers...

Are you wanting to modulate the light using music?