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Japanese Glass Float Answered

My dad is going to give me a glass float (which will be called a glass ball from now on) but I need to make something to hold it so that it doesn't get broken. I'm not quite sure how big it is exactly, but it's definitely bigger than a volleyball. Anyway I have absolutely no idea what to make for it. I want something that will look good but not cost too much. So... Any ideas?


I too am trying to find instructions on how to make a macrame hanging for a large diameter glass float.  I find most of your comments compleately off the topic and useless.  If I fine instructions I will post them for you.


9 years ago

You can tie it up nicely with rope and hang it. If you are good at knots it could look really cool. (I had to google the glass float to figure out what you meant and found this picture on Wikepedia).


We have a couple like that.I'm not sure how well I would do tying the knots, but I sure can try it :D I'll have to find out how to tie it like that though...

They look a bit like macrame knots.

Yeah they do. We have a glass ball hanging in our living room and the hanger thing is like macrame looking. Maybe I'll try that...

Don't a lot of those floats have a loop as part of their making? You could just hang it from a cord in the centre of your windowframe.

Some of the plastic ones do, but I haven't seen any glass ones with loops.

I dont know how large it is but you could buy a cheap bird table and then spray paint to make it look nice

Sound like you need some kind of crystal ball stand or else those Victorian garden globe/crystal ball patio/yard columns made from stone or cement. Maybe you can make your own and give mosaic tile a try. It is very easy and the materials are not really expensive if you bargain for off-lot or chipped tiles from a supplier.

Some of those crystal ball stands would look really cool with it, except I don't think they'd be big enough :( Those could be made to be short, couldn't they? So I could like put one in my room or something?