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Jawa's Junkyard at Florida Star Wars Celebration Answered

I am going to be going to Star Wars Celebration 2012 in Florida!!
I will be helping out at the Jawa`s Junkyard
We will be assembling and painting model Gonks with kids.
So If you will be attending, swing on by our booth.
Why is this in art? 
Because I am so darned psyched that I drew some Jawas, and they turned out pretty decent, so I wanted to share.
I included the black and white scan of the sketch and the coloured in more 'final' product.

EDIT: Added two more images to keep it "Art" related.


Here are all the little pieces

Picture 074.jpg

My friend finished casting all the parts for the model gonks and jawas.


6 years ago


@jessyratfink We'll be wearing T-shirts. Nothing to fancy, hard to glue little models in costume. Thanks, I think he might make a good t-shirt, have to do a Gonk droid next.
@Jayefuu, thanks. I was looking forward to taking a stab at some artwork for your Total Views, but it looks like you've got it covered. (Too bad for me, maybe another opportunity to do something people will see will come up some time)
Cheers Guys (and gals, which are always included in my "guys"). Thats why I come on here so much, I love the support.

Do some anyway! No one's done any yet, some sketches would be good.

I love the second one with the crazy eyes!

I hope you guys will be dressing up for the celebration. :D

Wow, neat drawings. You're good.