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Jedi Training Center Answered

I live on a lake and want to put in some fun stuff for fun and training.  Free stuff is a plus...budget is $50 or so.  Must be able to take out of the water in the fall.

First idea I had was to anchor some of those (closed) blue 50 gallon barrels so that people could try and stand on them and fight each other.  I haven't tested this out yet...they may be just too unstable.  I also have to figure out how to tie and anchor them to a cinder block on the bottom of the lake so they can just stay there and float.  Any ideas?

Other things....log rolling....diy diving board....let your imagination go.  i haven't found any pics or sites on the internet on this topic, so any ideas appreciated.



I thought one was supposed to use The Force rather than "equipment"?


 honing mind and body as one is the way to balance :D

 maybe you could....put small boats made from trash out there, along with paddles, so they could mimic landspeeders....


8 years ago

well, if you want to anchor those barrels, they have to be ancored from more than one point, otherwise they would be too unstable.pluss youll need diferent ancor points in the lake...I think