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Jeep Sounds Song - AMAZING Answered

Just found this.

A group of 7 people use everything from doors to windows to starter motors to make an amazing jeep techno song.

The song starts off slow but then picks up at about 1:00 if you are low on time and want to skip ahead.
I would recommend listening to it all though its amazing.

Apparently it took two weeks of rehearsing and 7 hours to get a flawless take :O

Download MP3: http://www.juliansmith.tv/2009/12/techno-jeep-mp3/

Download Ringtone ? http://www.myxer.com/ringtone:2839039/


I LOVE the use of the engine start-up at 0:56! Also, I was like :O the whole vid.

Brilliant! Is there an MP3 Download?

Not yet, but I'm told I can get it on christmas day.

Audacity is a free download.

But, check the OP - there's a url to an mp3 version.

Yes, I could mp3 this (and maybe I will), but it wouldn't be right to post the file here.


It is copyrighted. It's on a waiting list to be sold on iTunes, and is currently for sale on Julian's website through PayPal now. The RINGTONE is free, which is available on myxer.com. No.. it wouldn't be very nice at all to distribute his work without his permission. He's talented, has worked very hard, and deserves your $1 if you want the mp3.

See my posts a little further down. :) We're in complete agreement. 

I misunderstood - I thought the mp3 was offered by the artist for free. I certainly am against piracy. And I was also sloppy with my terms - I shouldn't have said copyright, but rather licensed under a restricted license.

Irrespective of Kiteman's comment, I don't think it right to lift someone's original work and effectively distribute it for free without permission. But I think you may have been less than serious there?


My understanding was that they were providing a free download of the mp3, in which case I hardly see an issue with linking to said download link here.

I meant using Audacity to rip it, then commenting to The Jamalam "here you are".
Because - as n8man's comment.


 It is a free download for a ringtone but the song is $0.99

It is.

By creating the piece, the performers automatically own copyright to it.  The same applies to any letters you write, emails you send, photographs you take - if it is original, you create it, and you do not have a contract that grants copyright to your employer (say, you work for Disney), then the copyright is automatically yours.  You have to knowing waive copyright (such as through a creative commons license) for others to be allowed to use your work without restriction.

The mp3 is available as a commercial download.

True enough - I was being sloppy, I meant restricted not copyrighted - and I realize I was wrong, I thought the mp3 was free but it's the ringtone that's free. I'm certainly not for music piracy!

Piracy is the only option until music producers or labels start doing it for free

Er, no. Do the honorable thing and buy it for 99 cents.

I forgot to mention that I knew a guy who had one of these Jeeps - it made a foreign-student horribly car-sick. After I'd reached over him to hit the electric-window switch in the dark, he leant out the rear window and sprayed the back of it with vomit. My friend was not at all amused to be Jet-washing it after midnight...


At least it was on the outside!

You see the little-bag? That's where I was sitting, I had to reach my arm over to the window switch under his head (while he'd got hands over his mouth making not-nice noises) and hold it there until the thing wound right down. Preferable to not doing so but not a nice experience.

I remember my little sister leaning over the front seat (this was YEARS ago) and suddenly letting loose, pretty much down into the top of the coat I was wearing......and we still had about an hour drive before we were getting home.....not a fun trip.

Well that's what siblings are for - sharp memories / reminiscences when we're older...


Ah yes, but "on the outside" would have been much preferred;  her aim was undeniably too accurate however :-) 

oooooooh that happened to my friend once but it was at school he threw up on a car

This isn't the first time it's happened in my general area...do you have a friend with a propensity to vomit whenever they're drinking with you?


eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww hahahaha

Frank Zappa playing a bicycle:


8 years ago



8 years ago

Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but it almost seems as if they took a sound clip of each noise, and assembled it in Garageband, or other software.
Its almost too clean.

I have to agree.  As much as i WANT this to be a single cut performance i think it is a music video.  At the crescendo at 1:45 the opening and closing of the doors is too awkward and off to match the sound it is supposed to make.  And someone on another forum pointed out that the sound of the seat kicks in before the person doing that is back in position.  Although the person in the driver seat could do that.  

Regardless, i love the track!

 true it does sound weird

its possible, but they did say they had alot of practice and filmed for a long time before they got it right


sounds like they are bringing sexy back

just faved on youtube

If their dad catches them, they are so grounded!

For the entire rest of the year ?    :-) 

Now that the electrical is fried. lol

Das purty cool!

Yeas! Great stuff.


Interesting :-)