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Jerry can eat lobster, but not tofu. He can eat crabs, but not deer meat.Why? Answered

The first correct answer will be featured on my next instructable with THECOOKIEMONSTER!



He only eats crustasien (sorry if i spelled it wrong) whatever the scientific name for crabs,lobsters etc. ?


9 years ago

Can only eat things/meat with extro-skeleton (i mean has its skeleton on the outside)

yeah i know i got it wrong that's why i mentioned but thanks anyway

This, and most of the other 'lateral thinking' puzzles are a bit of a waste of time as there are usually (especially with this one) a very large number of rules or sequences of events which would give the outcome.
Many 'correct' answers have been mentioned here, but you have marked them all as WRONG as they are not the rule you had in mind.

BTW, MY Instructables get between 3 and 5 million views every week.
The statement above is true - How?
(Thank you Scott Adams for the idea.)

Jerry is a fussy eater...

He cannot eat foods without B and S next to eachother, in that order. -PKT P.S. I love your riddles.

thats what I thought! except I purposely put it in sb order that way no one could make a rude comment I think we should have a mutiny against this topic

Your answer is incorrect, but thank you. I will try to make more riddles.

he can only eat food with the letters s or b? and I dont think people care about being featured on your ible that really doesnt mean much

No, your answer is incorrect and I get over 500+ views a week.

im gunna side with the big dawgs . | . | .V

What do you mean by "I get over 500+ views a week" - what figures are you looking at? L

Its not that we want you to leave Bert, We just want those precious minutes of life back that you took from us when we made the mistake of clicking on one of your instructables, or one of these abominations your putting everybody through now. Seriously. It all boils down to you wasting peoples' time. Stop doing that, and everyones cool.

I am actually interested ? L

. I think you caught him in, uhhh, a bit of hyperbole (trying to learn the art of British Understatement heehee). See Kiteman's excellent analysis in his May 10, 2009. 3:46 PM post.

By what count?

Your highest-viewed project has only averaged 100 views per week,

Most of your projects are only illustrated with googled photos.

One is illustrated with an utterly-irrelevant photo lifted from elsewhere on this site.

One consists solely of "watch this video that isn't mine".

I'd guess that most of your views are actually car-crash views.

He suffers from Hemochromatosis??

jerry is an octopus

. Sounds like a great answer to me.

These frequent "puzzles" are not original, are certainly tedious, and I am willing to bet that one of your future "instructables" will simply be these questions with answers that you could not be bothered to work out yourself. Probably illustrated with pointlessly-irrelevant googled images.

He only eats food that he can boil alive because Jerry is a sadist. He cannot hurt tofu because tofu is already dead, and he doesn't have a pot big enough for a whole deer.

He can only eat food that has an odd number of letters in it's name.
lobster = 7
tofu = 4
crabs = 5
deer meat = 8

P.S.-If I'm right, then he can eat deer meat because it's actually called venison (7)

He can only eat seafood? -PKT

It would not be fair to give a hint.

Allergic to a specific protein? Can only eat white meat? Can only eat what he catches himself on a small island with no terrestrial 4 legged herbivores or hippie stores?