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Jetpack-HELP - Gas turbine backpack-Make/Build??? Answered

Hi guys busy with an EXPO school project 
I'm trying to make a Williams gas turbine backpack but only find dead ends on the net
Can someone PLEASE share some info on how to make or build ASAP 
Flight time doesn't have to be more than 8-10 seconds but if possible that'll be great !!
And lift doesn't heave to be more than 15-20 cm off the ground .
Any help is greatly appreciated 



Can anyone then shed some light on how to build a Jetlev or Flyboard?

I've never seen a gas turbine backpack capable of lifting a man off the ground, just of propelling them through the air after they jump out of a plane.

Can you link to what you have, maybe we can work from there?


That is very cool, but, unless you are an experienced engineer with a well-equipped workshop and access to advanced materials, your aim is unachievable.

You could purchase pre-built engines, but you'll be looking at many thousands of dollars for anything close to the size you'll need to get off the ground.

Thrust must be more than equivalent to the combined weight of you, your gear, the engine itself, the fuel, harnesses, controls etc, even if you just want to lift your feet off the ground.

I would go with a modified pulsejet with a shorter and thicker aperture. How many pounds are you trying to lift?

The problem is laserbeamtoast i have absolutely almost no knowlege on the physics whatsoever so i cant base any ideas on anything because i dont understand it ...thats why im asking for help ...

Pounds?? But i weigh about 50 kilograms. Dont know how much it would be in total with the weight of the fuel and then of course the jet engine itself...