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Jobs. How do you make your money? Answered

Eventually everybody (old money, and politicians excluded) has to get a job. Bills have to be paid. Mouths have to be fed. A few lucky folks work for extra spending money. So iblers, what have you done to earn a buck/pound/yen/kina/baht/rupel/rupee/peso? Go all the way back to childhood. Don't leave the crummy jobs out!


My fish ARE worth the money, the only time I lose money on them is if I suspect they are sick...but that hasent happened in a while and I have just about every fish medicine you cn think of on hand right now...... My dog isnt to expensive...he is a shih tzu...after the shots and getting him neutered...its 60 dollars a years in food (two 30 pound bags of Buffalo Blue Dog Food a year...hes a little dog, I can afford to buy him the best!) and 25 dollars every couple of months to get his hair trimmed. (I use a metal nail file...I want a peddy-paws but my mom thinks its gross...yet she want a ped-egg.....which is more gross to you....a dog nail filer...or having a cheese-grater removing dead skin of your feet?) I would say nobody....I havent gotton a birthday present from anybody but my grandma in the last 4 years....not even a phone call or an email....I get 10 dollar gift cards to best buy and Red Lobster or Big Boy for christmas.....those gifts cost me money usually....name one thing a 14 year old kid would want from best buy that 10 dollars or less including tax.....I already have headphones.

Starting in high school, I spent many years working in the family business. This involved moving things around in a warehouse, packing boxes, loading and unloading shipping containers and various other grunt work (while other family members yelled at me). Work started at 6 every morning (on Saturdays and when school was out) and it was very physically demanding. I was knocked out cold on at least two occasions. On the bright side, there is a certain satisfaction and sense of accomplishment to be found in this sort of manual labor... and I can put on my resume that I am seriously skilled with a forklift. There was also some brief stints in the customer service industry which I don't ever want to think about again. In college I worked in the computer lab/tech. shop at school and had some super-cool side gigs setting up art exhibitions. Also did some freelance art and design things. Now... I work for this glorious website! And I have a secret side project which I will unveil in a few months.

Cool. That side project, hmmm.......Are you getting into professional forklift racing??

Oh yeah! Extreme forklift racing. We will be driving forklifts at high speeds under conditions most forklifts weren't meant to be driven under. Its a teeth rattling good time.

If you'll let me enter my tractor with a front end loader, I can be competitive. But if it's strictly for forklifts, I'd have to restrict my movements to the warehouse and parkinglots.

I work for instructables! Oh, wait...that was in the "future" section of my resume. Nevermind...

I'm sure RocketSci could help you out with his time machine. Then the future could be now!

We have 20 acres, but only 10 of it is suitable for cows. We have a friend that raises about three calves a year (mostly for fun), with a profit of about $2500. For us, the money is really secondary (or tertiary). It's really about teaching the kids responsibility and business sense.

My wife has Lupus, so I'm pretty much a slave to any job that'll give me good insurance. I've had opportunities to make some real money a few times, but those jobs would force me to buy private coverage. Private coverage would exclude previous conditions (the Lupus). So I'd have to make an unbelievable sum (right away) to make up the difference.

YES! I get the best ones...only a few...at the most 5, I sell the rest...the not-so-good ones would not reproduce the strain they are very well so I send them to fish stores where they will get loving homes (or die :() and keep some little kid happy or some adult content. My mollies didnt get sick...they got eaten by head-and-tail-light tetras.....but ich is a horrible disease and I battles it once....It killed all my fish...so I duped out ALL the water....replaced EVERYTHING and ran the tank for 2 weeks with bleach in the water....put everything outside to air out, washed everything, let it air dry again, and filled the tank with Reverse Osmosis Water....let it run its course...did some fishless cycling (if you ware aware \of the nitrogen cycle...You can cycle the tank by adding ammonia....and continue adding small amounts untill the tank is cycled...) I quarentied all t he fish for 4 weeks in a hospital tank...(Invested in one of those...a 40 dollar 5 gallon tank with a Penn-Plax Bubbler Filter in it) of course, one at a time, before finally letting a fish go into the fresh 30 gallon tank. I know add aqaurium salt with EVERY water change and have a continous low-dose of ich medicine (And I get the name brand stuff...I cant remeber off the top of my head what brand it is...but it isnt cheap) in the tank. I battled ich once...it was the worst thing ever....and I havent...and wil not, battle it again. It is rather nice...getting all the shipping supplies (boxes, bags/containers, air compresser (that was the most expensive....its not really necsesary...but its SO MUCH FUN...especially when compared to just blowing in the bags...im amused easly.........) rubber bands, heat packs etc) is kinda expensive....I havent ever done the math but its probaly close to 4-5 dollars a fish......but it all pays for itself and give me a few extra pennies in my pocket. idk what he means and that thing about being cheap is true! And I havent got any family or friends that deserve my money (Other than my parents, but I expect to die after them)

mollies are cool......i used to have some and would get babies a lot....my tetras ended up eating them before I could get them to a safe tank....and then one day my tetras ate the BIG mollies :( a little of both......it pays for itself.....it takes around 3 months to raise the fry...and the only time I have 3 months that im not doing much is summer....so I like to have a few tanks (Ive got 3 spawning tanks, all are 10 gallons, in my basement right now....my parents wont let me keep them up stairs :'( ) It costs a few hundred dollars to get the first one started (with all the medicine and whatnot...dont want fish getting sick!) and after that I think its like 80-100 to get another one started (already have the meds) My guppies have 2 tanks (need to get a 30 gallon and another 5 gallon....) a 10 gallon, and a 5 gallon, I breed them in the 5 gallon and put the adult fish into the 10 gallon (the males and females are seperated by a plastic divider, but can still se eachother) and then raise the babies in the 5 gallon, I pick the ones I want to keep (the VERY best ones) the ones I want to sell (The just less than perfect ones) and the ones I give to good homes. (Sell them to a pet store....the owner is kinda related to me...its like a 2nd cousin of one of my grandparents or something like that....i get 50 cetns each! which really adds up when you have 15-45 fish a month......)

Neat. My wife and kids are the ambitious ones. I'm just a slave to the healthcare system. My kids have raised goats, rabbits and chickens for quite some time. We are considering raising cattle, but I probably won't have the time.

I had garage sale (HOLY MACARONI THOSE ARE ANNOYING! Sitting outside all day, in the heat, and where i live, getting eaten up by mosquitos and horse flys)

I sell fish on aquabid (I breed bettas and guppies, I have 2 betta color patterns that I created and 4 guppy colorations. The highest I ever sold a betta for was 75 dollars, but usually is 25-35 dollars each. A trio of gupis (two females one male) goes for 20-40 each) I also sell live food. (Microworms and vinegar eels) for 2.50 per culture.

I use bux.to (if you want to sign up, user this url http://bux.to/?r=ehjsne when you sign up, make sure your referer is EhJsNe

That's interesting. Iit hard to breed betas? We've had a few, but never more than one at a time.

Its not that hard to breed bettas....its raising the fry (baby fish) thats difficult...all you have to do to make the ifsh breed is put them in a tank (seperated) for a few days then remove the seperation device. Maybe I should post an Instructable!

I WILL!!! Once i get home from arizona.............im on vacation right now and will return home on august 5th....send me a messege or something to remind me, please :)

until i'm not a minor anymore.
he, he, he, forgot to mention that. =P

hahaha, wow, i made a HUGE mistake there, i meant i was a minor and was "living with my folks"


9 years ago

- Paper (boy|route) as a child/teenager, shared with a friend so we'd take half of town each and split the money.
- Occasional part time careening (cleaning boats)- great work for one energetic young person with strong arms, and one adult who knows their way around cleaning products.
- More occasionally stand-in tutoring when my parents accidentally double-booked- essentially talk to a schoolchild a couple of years younger than me about maths for an hour and get paid £18 for the privilege :)

- Currently, software engineer, working for the man.

The tutoring gig sounds good. I was going to do underwater boat cleaning, but they only wnated to pay me $12 an hour. I could probably make more money scuba-diving for golf balls at the local golf course!

In order: Paper round (school) Builders' merchant (Saturdays and school holidays) Lab skivvy in a board mill (university vacations) Ran labs in a paper mill. >unemployment< QC in a toiletries factory QC in a shower screen factory (Teacher training) Physics teacher in a boarding school Supply teaching + nights in McD General science teaching (just got promoted to Acting Head of Year)

. OK. I don't speak The King's English, so I have to ask. What are:
  • Paper round
  • Builders' merchant (salesman?)
  • Lab skivvy (helper/intern at a chem lab? AKA Lab rat)
  • Supply teaching
  • McD (McDonald's?)

Aren't you glad you don't have a king, so you don't have to speak his english, and you can speak any english you durn well please?

I spoke to Nacho on the phone once. Despite his state of residence (mine too), he's quite well spoken. If we had a king, he'd probably have me beheaded. I've been told (repeatedly!) that I sound like Jeff Foxworthy!

I like to think I am more like Mayberry RFD meets Eureka! :-)

I'm more like Petticoat Junction meets Junkyard Wars!

I believe this is what they are: Paper boy Don't know Don't know Teaching about supplies? I don't know (And this, is a marker) McD is McDonald's

  • I delivered newspapers (paper route?)
  • I sold bricks, cement, pipes, bathrooms, slates etc to builders & plumbers
  • Yes, holiday job as a lab rat, I got the crappy jobs because I wasn't unionised.
  • Filled in for teachers off sick at any school that needed me.
  • Yes - night shift, I used to start just after I put #1 son in bed.

. Ah. Most of that actually makes sense when seen in context. Yeah, paper route is probably the most common term on this side of The Pond. Around here, a merchant is the proprietor. Here in The South (US), skivvies is a term for underwear. Substitute teacher is what I'm used to hearing.

. Oops! That link to Wikipedia's page on skivvies is NSFW - several pics of skimpy underwear. Nothing you wouldn't see in the Sears catalog (that link is safe heehee), but be forewarned.

"Supply teaching + nights in McD" My 8th grade english teacher worked at a liquor store after school. The store was two short blocks away! (and a porn shop half a block from that... I went to junior high in a bit of a rough area) But she made more money selling booze than she did teaching, so...

It's the holidays that keep me in the job, plus I have a damned good team of colleagues.

Started by working at a Chick hatchery (chicken eggs in flat shelves in machines that tilted them back and forth, and the few that got rotten would burst BLUE egg all over the back of the hatchers) cleaning up after the bad eggs;

Worked as a cook's assistant during High School at the Millersville State University,
Meat packer at a butcher/meat renderer/smoke house,
truck loader (and eventually a driver) for a automobile tire company,
data entry (key punch operator) for a Chair Lift manufacturer,
Systems Technician for an insurance company (LAN / WAN / 3 mainframes).
which is what I presently do...

IT Helpdesk support =(


10 years ago

Youth: Boy Scout camps Youngster: Kodak, Xerox College: kayak & climbing guide, library, admissions Seasonal: Forest Service trail crew Fresh out of college: after school programs, recreation for people with disabilities All grown up: Director of Parks and Recreation Moonlighting: computer repair, DJ, web design, bike shop, writing

Wow. The kayak and climbing guide business would be fun. Did it pay well?

Nope. I think it was the state minimum wage or so. But that was a job at the college.

I work at a warehouse right now, 8.65 an hour. Eight hours a day, five days a week. I hates it. This is my first job. Yay. But I've done the whole mowing lawns for relatives bit. Also, I used to read. I would get paid based on the page and reading level (not really a job, just the first time I've made money).

How old are ya? And That's Really Good pay.

Dude! Where'd you read for money? How? Who paid you? How do I sign up for that gig?!