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Johnny Walker Game caller wont work properly Answered

Guys(and gals) i need help once again. While I was looking in my friends garage i saw a Johnny Walker game caller and these things are expensive so i asked him about it and he said it didnt work. So ofcourse i offered to try and fix it, and he said if i can that i can use it anytime. (and if you have a good memory, you will remember the post i made about how to make one of these game callers) Well, its power supply is 12 volts DC, 2 6v batteries ran in a series. and they are rechargeable by the way. when i plug the recharging plug(you dont remove the batteries to recharge, there is a port right under the place for the cassette) and hit the power button the red LED(that signals power) is at full strength for about half a second then fades to a wimpy red color. at the same time the LED is at its full power there is a noise coming over the speaker and the noise dies once the LED dims. Any suggestions?


. Since no one else has chimed in, here's my wild guess: sounds like it may be a bad capacitor. Look for bulging, burnt, chipped, or otherwise damaged caps.

cool, thanks. im planning on taking the cassette player part apart next week. I will supply pictures.