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Join the Internet Memes group! Gain a free subscription from yours truly! Answered

The epicest group in the history of Instructables. Come join. You know you want to. We have cookies. And Megan Fox. Mmmm.... Megan Fox.... You may also discuss memes in this topic. Discuss! NOW!



9 years ago

i want a free subber! that way I'll have 26! Hooray for me. (sarcasm)

Aw man, I have to sub a K'nexer? Seriously?! Ah well, a deal's a deal *sigh* Lol, haha, my current subscriber count is 26. I got more people to subscribe to me than you did! I win (sarcasm)

Common DJ subber: "oMg l13k @r4v3 15 li3k t3h pwn 1 us3d it 1nn@ w@r wit my fr13nds n 9uss wat i d1dent g3t bu11i3d @5 much!111!!111one!11"

Jk bro. You win.

Haha! We would tie, but: I subbed you, so its cool, you win. All my base are belong to you? Haven't you subbed DJ?

Haha! Thanks man! I hope you like some of my stuff, I guess.... I mean you do have to look at it in your page every time from now on.

Yes, I did sub DJ, but he's like, my best internet friend and likewise, almost everyone that are friends with DJ or at least knows him quite well knows that.

Oh and j00 @r3 0|\| 73|-| \/\/@y 70 d357ruc710|\|

Yeah, I do like your stuff, they look pretty cool,

But will i die, if 1 4/\/\ 0|/| /\/\/ \/\/@/ 2 |) 35+|2U(+10|/|

0|-|, (4|/| U +|2/ 2 /\/\4|{3 0|/|3 0|= +|-|353:

(its a Russian Para Knife)


Not bad, is that yours? Did you made it? What's the blade steel, 440 stainless?

(whoops problem with leet speak) i tried to say, OH CAN YOU TRY TO MAKE ONE OF THESE?

In Soviet Russia, knife makes YOU!!

Whooa no. I didn't make this, its prolly used in the russian army. They used them to slice through Nazis in WW2

oh, almost forgot. ILIKETURTLES!!!

Yay its pedobear.....

More memes: Lolcats, the game (which you just lost btw), Chuck Norris, and duckrolling (not to be confused with rickrolling)


8 years ago


Harhar hello pedobear....


8 years ago

I'm already awesome, I don't need to join..

But you can increase your level of awesomeness by joining. Chocolate tastes better with nuts, right?

Being a male, i prefer the taste of incredible pink tacos to chocolate with nuts idk bout u.

Sorry, but I, being a straight male, prefer my tacos yellow and crispy, thank you very much.

You and I are not thinking the same thing, I( would explain, but I dislike the banhammer too much.

Ohh, gotcha. In that case, yes, incredible pink tacos please.

I do not posses the body type associated with pink tacos, therefor you must go ask someone else if they could share theirs.

Already did. Say hi to the nice man on the internet, Meg! Megan Fox: Hi!

check out my second newest forum topic.

Sure as sure can be.

Call it meme scene!

Welcome to the real world. Nah just kidding, I'll give you credit for it some other time, I'm too lazy right now.