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-+-POSTED!-+- Jollex's Sniper, JS-144v3.9 =UPDATE= Answered

It has been posted. Here is the link.


I added an extended barrel, because of The Jamalam's suggestion, and I weighed it and it is 1.6 Kilograms which equals ~ 3.5 pounds.


I changed the mag and reinforced some parts.

I have finally finished my awesome sniper. I have been planning this gun since June and started building about 2 weeks ago. It is the first of its kind. It uses a rail system like dsman195276's sniper but it has a mag. It has a lot of power and accuracy because of the low friction barrel made out of orange connectors and wheels. It has a trigger that I think is better than dsman's sniper trigger. It has a comfy handle that is like dsman's sniper handle. It has a comfy stock a very accurate and cool looking scope. It also has a sturdy bipod of my design and a comfy front hand grip. it is also easy to pull back the firing pin. the mag capacity is ~10. Mag reload time is ~8 seconds. Time to pull back firing pin and power transfer and fire is ~4 seconds. Here are some pictures.



9 years ago

I really like the scope!

Hurry up with thos instructions!

yay! 1st time someone's taken my advice on this site

I like it will u make an Instructable for it


9 years ago

looks nice!

Very cool. If its so great...

Fence Post(2).jpg

Ohhhhhhh, I get it, cause its a picture of a post, very witty.
I feel stupid

Dont feel stupid

The Jamalam came up with that, hes doing it too.


9 years ago

Ummmm... Okay....

Piece muncher!

Yeah but its worth it and if you don't have enough pieces to make it you shouldn't be making it anyway.

looks good, just one point: snipers have very long barrels, and this appears quite short

I was going to add a longer barrel but it is already very heavy so the long barrel would just make it more front heavy.


9 years ago

looks a bit like my scope =P

I bases it off a scope dsman posted on his orange board.

i like it, i like how you used the blue rod to transfer the power, making a mag work. great idea! i might just have to try that on my sniper if i build it again :-), i give you credit!

Thanks, and I think you should try it on your sniper.

and the wheels, genius!!!


I'm going to post it on KI in a week or two.