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Jon Boat hand cart Answered

Hello all, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here.  I look at the site at least once a day though, just to see whats new.
Anyhow, what I have is a 12 ft john boat that needs some sort of wheel attachment so that I can pull it through the woods between ponds with relative ease. What I have is a little bit of aluminium pipe and some wheelchair parts, as well as various nuts and bolts.  I need a solution that involves no welding or brazing ( i think thats what its called ).  I can cut/drill/bolt all day, but thats about it.  Ive got a couple pics of what i have to work with.  Any ideas would be great.


very good ideal would you mind to share your project I'm interested in something along that line but I could use your expertise; need some thing that can be assemble at fishing site and disassemble to but in back of my suv, thanks


4 years ago

I ended up using a pvc option with the wheels shown. Worked out great, hauled the boat with over 100lbs of gear in it through waist high weeds and over rough terrain with little to no problems.

Think about this. A board across the bar where the seat was and the bar below. Attach with screws or pipe hanger. Then have a bungee cord from one side to the other across the top to hold it tight. Your basic bike trailer should give you ideas.