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JonnyBGood's Other Hobby Answered

Well this may seem out of place in the K'nex forum, but since I am a member of the group I think this still applies. For the last couple of months I've been pretty inactive as far as my K'nex building has been concerned but as you can probably see from the pictures my time was being completely consumed by my Nerf hobby. Let me also state this while I'm at it.... No this does not mean I've stopped K'nex building, I've just been sidetracked for awhile. My reasoning for moving to Nerf is mainly because of a resolve I made at New Years to start tinkering with electronics, and of course I wanted to keep shooting projectiles so Nerf was perfect. It also allowed me to participate in more wars, again I love K'nex and I look forward to our once a year K'nex war, but one isn't quite enough for me.  Nerf also gave me one other edge that I wasn't getting with K'nex, and that was a marketable product. Kids are willing to pay on average (based on me stalking ebay for a month) 40-80$ depending on gun and paint job quality. So I have a possible source of income custom painting Nerf guns.  When should I expect another K'nex ible'? Well I have one last Nerf build I really want to do ( rapidstrike uzi ) and after that I will refocus of getting some war guns together for the K'nex war this year.    So in summary, that has been what I've been up too. If you like any of my work and would like to make an offer I will gladly consider anything reasonable, so send me a PM. I plan on eventually selling "Vanguard" themed white Strongarm's because I can paint those relatively quickly. The Rayven Roughcut integration ( Mine is called the Universal Remote) is my piece de resistance right now and I'm insanely happy with how it's going. If you know a friend that may be interested in my work, I'd appreciate any referral. Also note that I'm not doing any commissions.... yet. I'm kind of addicted to the art of making a well painted and functioning Nerf gun right now.  Thanks for reading, more K'nex projects coming soon!     JonnyBGood


Nyce! Haha we came to Instructables from opposite sides and picked up each other's hobbies eh? Lol

No kidding! I've always loved the idea of kinetic art and this is no exception.


3 years ago

I love the paint job and combination of Rayven and roughcut. When I get off of school, I am going to get a job for money. I might think of asking you to make one for me.

I'd love too! Please keep in mind though, the cost of the nerf weapons to make this. I used a rayven, roughcut, and a long strike barrel. I could use a recon or retaliatory barrel but the long strike one is a lot cooler looking.

I have pretty much every nerf gun :P. I'd be willing to send you them + whatever money you want for the mods.

Thanks for keeping us updated. :)

Universe Remote looks pretty cool, and I really like Phoenix.

Now you and NK have two hobbies in commen, huh?

Yeah, guess so... lol. He wasn't really the catalyst of this push though, another friend of mine got me into it again.

Ok. When I was younger I was obsessed with Nerf. I didn't mod them though.

those look awesome!

Can't wait to see the instructable!

So, when will we start seeing Nerf-mod instructables?

Fairly soon maybe 2-3 weeks. I've got plans to show how I modify and paint, so I think it'll be an interesting change of pace. It also allow me too stir up some sales maybe....

I forgot to put all their names....

The first gun is The Universal Remote

The second gun does not have a name.... but it is a marksmen rifle, with pump action!

The third gun is the Phoenix... mainly because it malfunctioned and completely melted the internal battery compartment. Like it's name suggests though, it will rise again!... As soon as rapid red blaster are on sale again.

The fourth and fifth is Strongarm Handcannon MK1 and MK2

The Maverick is the MK1 version, and ironically it was made a month after my Strongarm which is MK2. The story goes (because all good guns have a story) that the Strongarm project was created to build the most lethal handcannon that wouldn't snap a guardians wrist from recoil. There solution was the Strongarm MK1. While it was boxy and prototyped quickly, the MK1 scored high among guardians in the initial field tests. However the poorly placed heat exhaust manifolds on the priming handle made it painful to prime after heavy use. Thus, the MK2 was created, streamlining the body and moving those hot exhaust ports to the front under the muzzle. As it stood the MK2 quickly became the handcannon of choice for guardians and it's popularity can easily be seen in its wear....

I seriously need to live a little more lol....