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Journal binding advice : securing add-ins Answered

Seeking advice on good ways to secure additional materials into my journals-

The journals I use are larger than standard page, so I can include cut outs and prints into the journal.  But I don't have a good method for long-term "binding" of these extras.

I've tried:
  • stapling - messes up reverse page, tends to rip base page
  • double sided tape - fails after ~1yr, tough for multiple pages at one time
  • tape - "
  • paste - fails, can't handle repeated flexing
Note that none of these have been specialized products, just off the shelf materials.

SO, any bookbinders, librarians, etc. out there that can share some professional suggestions?  Gracias in advance.


Try using an expandable scrapbook and pages. Your typical scrapbook has document protector pages to protect everything as pages are repeatedly turned and flipped through. Most are expandable so you can add more pages as you need. You can easily add lines to the pages for writing (with an acid free pen or pencil to prevent everything from deteriorating). There's tons of choices in permanent adhesives so everything will stick together without ruining the other side of the page (almost acid free). You'll also have a ton of cool print and decorative pages to choose from if you decide to get creative with it! Hope this helps.

I'm trying to stay away from non-permanent binding, such as open / closeable scrapbooks. Thanks though, it was an idea I toyed with in the past.

I will follow up on some of the materials for scrap-booking. That may be the adhesives I need.

Adding papers to any notebook like that is over stressing the notebook's bindings. Then best way to overcome this is to pull the whole thing apart and rebind it. Anything you can transcribe into your computer then reprint on a single page would be best.

Actually if you can type and scan everything into the PC and keep it on a file it will last much longer. If you need a hard copy then print it out and bind it into your own custom book. There are several sites and instructables that can show you how to bind your own book.

Actually after searching long, I found these notebooks are very durable. Can take a lot of inserts. Their binding is stitched and reinforced with fabric tape, and the pages fold very easily even when I've stuffed the notebooks to triple or more in width.

Thanks for the advice though. Would be so awesome to have enough time to digitize everything!