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Judging? Answered

Ok so im a Finalist in the El Wire contest and i was just wondering, how does the judging work on contests. I was in second for votes but now it says im in 6th and i just wanted to clarify how judging works. It would be nice if an admin posted an answer on this but anyone is free to comment.


I had thought that having unique instructables would matter. I don't see that at all, and am surprised that using commercial bought patterns and instructions to put something together actually warrants a prize. It's baffling as to how these are judged!

You have to get in the top 15 on the voting stage to get to the finaly. Some times the judges also pick some projects they found worthy that didn't make it to those 15 if they think they are really good. Then out of those finalists the judges pick the winners. The judges are all members of this site but how they pick them I don't really know, I guess it's members that have been around for a long while and aree trustworthy.

I don't think it is "votes" or "ratings" My entry did not make it into the finalist, and I had a higher rating and vote count than a couple of the finalist.