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Juno Anyone? Answered

Has anyone seen the movie Juno yet? lol I thought it was a nice little movie, but i found it over-hyped! There wasn't much of Michael Cera, ( which i found was a dissopointment ), and I didn't think it was a "comedy" more of a , little [touching] story. The burger phone was awsome lol. Anyways there's my rant.... How did you guys find it ?


I still haven't seen it. Maybe I can convince someone to take me this weekend for my birthday. :P

But how do you know where I live? Or even when my birthday is? Or that I'm not a creepy 40 year old man?

The plot thickens...

Did somebody mention creepy forty-year-olds?

Jonathan Ross (UK movie guru) liked it, which is a good enough recommendation for me (which is also why I probably won't be going to watch Jumper).

Why not? Jumper looks super!

Looks super - apparently the plot is erratic and the actual powers poorly defined. Plus the romantic storyline gets in the way (says Ross)

Yeah, it was an interesting concept, but the movie overall was a little pointless.

Lol....(says Ross)

You could always try out the film.

I could, but I've learned over the years that if a film is (to me) border-line watch/don't watch, then Ross' opinions usually work. I get to the cinema (to see grown-up films) so rarely these days, I don't want to waste a trip.

Of course I don't know where you live but "this weekend for my birthday. :P" and I deduced your birthday. And I really doubt your are a creepy 40 year old man. LOL

Erm.. 'cuse creepy 40 year old men generally don't have breasts quite as fine as yours 8)

'sides, you at least see and hear me in my Instructables, I've only seen your feet in yours, maybe your the creepy forty year old!

I've had pictures of me in my instructables before...and when did I say she was my first crush? (In any case, it's pretty creepy to tell people you've never met that they have nice boobs) I'm guessing this is pretty awkward for Jessy.

Wow, Jessy I'm sorry I started this.

You just reminded me that my friend's birthday is today... I forgot to call him.

Maybe it's just not your style? It wasn't perfect, but I though it was funny, unique, and a good story. I thought Ellen Page's spunk helped to carry the movie.

never heard of it :/ is that maybe because i live in the country, where the only movie theatre in town shows 4 movies? or is this in some other country maybe? :/ (im in the US...)

It's a US movie bout a teenage girl who gets pregnant.

[It's a]bout a teenage girl who gets pregnant.

yupp. definitely a US movie ;]

I lurved it. Especially the sound track.

<3 Kimya Dawson/The Moldy Peaches

i liked it. yea, they could have focused more on the Cera kid. you kind of have to be a sarcastic person to like this movie. theres a lot of dark sarcasm lol. its a good date movie. akward at parts, but its a good movie. wizard

I have not seen it, but my sister is obsessed with the soundtrack.

I really liked Juno. Not much to say.