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Just Don't Use it Near Water! Answered

I've always sort of wondered why people who make game systems have to include warnings not to use them in water. Today I got my answer for me. I thought this was pretty funny. My solution: DON'T USE ELECTRONICS NEAR WATER!!!!! You'll probably have to click the 'i' in the corner of the image to be able to see what I have highlighted.


You could have cropped the image. 3.75 Mb in order to read the bit in green...
Or you could have posted links to the threeAnswers


i dropped once an open and working notebook (2006 thinkpad) into a pool and it drowned for few seconds took apart (including all those layers in the lcd screen) and dried immediately it worked friend's parents did not rip out my soul for killing the new shiny laptop they lended for our school project

I think those ThinkPads are the friend of any modder.No way to void warranty while removing screws,easily replacable standard parts,no driver stuff to mess with!

Haha, that would have sucked if it didn't dry out! Nice recovery though.